"Good things come to those who wait"

I know that some of you have waited to see how the new version of the website will look like. It's not ready yet, partially because it takes a long time to create it in a completely different technology and partially because my vision of the website was changing frequently. I'm not sure whether Manjikai should become an archive - a memorial of a great community that once gathered around Yoshimitsu, or maybe it should become a community website once again? The second option means also responsibility, because inside a community there must be people guarding the well-being of community members. There need to be admins, moderators - people that will care for everybody having a good time together.

What Manjikai was always meant to be - it was a place to inspire you in a positive way. Human beings can be inspired by just about anything, but also the inspiration can be of many kinds. There are many reasons people like Yoshimitsu. Each new costume is more scary than the previous one and those who pay no attention to the story, see only weird fighting style and spooky armor which is "kinda cool". Yoshimitsu fans see more than that - this character is full of symbols ready to be explored, and at least for me, Yoshimitsu has always inspired me to help people in need, care for wellbeing of my family and friends, fight for my dreams, when in trouble: be open-minded and look for unusual ways to solve problems, accept that I'm not free from flaws... and not take life too seriously :)

What I'm wondering now is - should Manjikai continue this mission and become a community website once again? Or maybe it already has fulfilled its role and it's ready to become an archive - a memorial that we can come back to and think about how it influenced our lives?

This is a tough choice. If you'd like to help in shaping the future of Manjikai, you can find me on Twitter and drop me a message or two, my DMs are open.
Have a great day, shiki soku ze kuu! :) ~Tenshi