Cannot upload a new avatar :(

Can't change my avatar. It measures 120x120, at 32.5kb.

Help? :S

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 Did you manage to upload it?

Hey, can you link me the original image you made your avatar from? :)

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Oh it worked! I dont know if you did something or not. :S  I was checking it daily for a while now. Anyway thanks! I like my "Japanese tourist girl taking a selfie" Yoshi avatar. :D

The original image is from a YouTube video. Search for "Miharu item move compilation" or something. ;)

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 Saw it... OMG it's so sweet :D

BTW, throw starts with Yoshi in 1SS and in the picture his sword is sheathed ^^

hahaha! You're so observant! Tekken's first continuity error. :P