We Are Tekken Art Competition

 Hi Manji Ninjas!

TqTninja here (aka yoshimitsu_tqt) lol

if you guys havn't seen it yet of facebook tekken but there is a fan-art competition going on in which if your fan-art gets the most votes, the artist will win a tekken tag collectors edition pack, which includes the artbook too! the cool thing about this prize is you also get your art published inside this art book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS INSANE!

i have submitted my art to this competition which you may all have seen already (below)

if you can, please vote for my work. It's the only yoshimitsu art to date, and it would be epic if this pic does well. Thanks heaps guys :) wish me luck

<img src="http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/416500_10150774217180330_2045364341_o.jpg" alt="tekken helmets" width="200" height="92" align="left" /> 

 I voted for you, Good luck sir!

Voted on you ^^

you got 36 votes so far, not bad.

Added 3 minutes later:

A bit odd, though, since your art is previewed (if you click on it), as a very small image...