Help With Yoshimitsu Juggles

Hahah, we have the worst timing.  I'll be on tonight for sure though!  I'm usually free between 6-8 or 9pm, thereafter, my friends bug me to get on COD with them.  So try again tonight?  :p

I'll take time out of messing around on SFxT to hop on Tekken 6. :D

Damn, sorry I missed you, dude!  I'll send you a private message. XD

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Try this. SS,2 ; f+1; b+2, 1 (kin=1+2) f+2.
this is my common Yosh Juggle. 

 I'll check it out, thanks! :D

You seem new to the site!  Welcome to Manjikai! :)  You should head to the Introductions section and make a profile thread for yourself.  It's located here:

 Thanks. =) it's my 1st time in formus :D