Help With Yoshimitsu Juggles

Hello. :D  I've recently been trying to improve my skills with Yoshimitsu.  I'm not very competitive, but I think I have it in me to be a decent Yoshimitsu player with lots of practice and focus.

Last time I tried to improve my gameplay skills, I had the help of a few people here on Manjikai and I actually had a blast! :D

I'm trying to finally master a juggle that was taught to me back then.  I never quite got it down right, and it's actually kind of hard for me to do. :P  If I remember correctly, it's the Kasane Wakizashi to an Omage Hosen, and it's suppose to end with a Ganto (from a quick kinchou stance). I'll try to spell it out in Tekkie talk.  It's something like:

d/f+2,2, b+2,1, and then something like f, 1+2, F+2.  I dunno.  I can do the first two moves well enough, but I just can't seem to get into kinchou and then do a Ganto fast enough to hit the oponnent while they're still in the air.

But I've seen something like it done before.  Any help would be appreciated. Also, if you're really generous and have a strong internet connection, it would be a lot of funny to have  an online "practice" match of sorts.  It really helps to actually see someone perfom the juggles and then try to imitate them. :P

C'mon, help a girl out! ;)

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Do you mean:

df22, f+1+2 B! b2,1 ~ kin f+2?

I have no clue as to the actual move names... but I believe that's what you're going for.  The trick I use for b2,1 kin~f +2 is like this (bear in mind, I play on stick) : b+2 w/ middle finger, release 2 then press and hold 1 with the index finger, then press 2 with your middle finger as soon as yoshi begins the 2nd hit in the animation, this will transition yoshi into kincho, then it's just f+2.

You can use the same juggle from u+3+4.  There's a few more listed in the blog I posted, but I'll pm you a list of the staple juggles I use.  I'd be happy to help you out online, I just hope the connection is good enough.  If it's not, I'll have to wait till after this weekend so online doesn't screw up my timing :p

Sorry, I'm terrible at typing in the numbers and things. :P

The "b2,1 ~ kin f+2" part is definitely familiar.  I guess I forgot the "f+1+2" that's suppose to come before it! XD  I remember that now.  Thanks! :D

I'll try that out more, and I'd love to see what other awesome moves you have in mind! ^,^

I added you to my list on the PSN (and I think I even sent you a message earlier :P).  Just shot me a message her on Manikai or the PSN whenever you want to "hang out." ;)  I'm free all day today until about 4 PM (California time).  And tomorrow will work, too.  Just whenever you're free.

Haha no worries.  It looks like I won't be going out tonight, so we can probably try and get a few games in later (I'm usually home around 6pm eastern).  I'll shoot you a message whenever I see you online and we can try and get something going.  If you ever have quick questions feel free to message me, I love to talk yoshi with other people.  Noodlehead can probably confirm that with how often I bug him on aim :p

OMG, I love talking about Yoshimitsu, too!  If only there was a website where other fans of Yoshimitsu could get together and talk about him. :P  (lololololol!)

But serious-face: I'll pop online here in a bit and see if you're around.

I warn you, I'm not very talented, but I love the game. :)

Junon, you have aim?

Add me: my handle is manjikai ^^ (curiously enough, tenshimitsu was taken by someone o_O)

I'm hungry for Yoshi talks as well so maybe we 3 can satisfy our hunger :P

Thanks again for the online time, Junon.  It was fun, despite me not really doing much. :P

I got a little more practicing in after class.  I was able to pull of the juggle a handful of times, but I still don't have it down yet.  I'm still mashing the buttons too much. :P  I did manage to execute something of a juggle while I was fighting a few online player matches, though.  YAY! lol

Sure do, Tenshi!  I can't add people at the moment cause I'm at work, and when I add someone it never seems to stick.  But you can send me a message in the mean time and I will add you once I hop online at home, my SN is:  "Goddamn junon"

Keep up the good work Aozame, I noticed when you did the juggle you would put a slight delay between b2, and 1 (with b2,1).  The only time you want to delay between these two hits is at the wall, because a delay will add a few extra points of damage.  If you do it in the open, it will cause the followup kin f+2 to whiff...

But now that I'm thinking about that, I'm wondering if we get a slightly faster recovery after b2,1 if we delay the 2nd hit post B!... hmmmm...

OH!!!  I see.  After practicing more last night, I did notice that whenever I managed to kin f+2, it was always whiffing.  I'll try to stop delaying the 1 after b+2. :D

Thanks, dude.

And now I'm curious about that last part you mentioned.  A slightly faster recovery?  What are you talking about exactly?  Does b+2 cause a "B!"?

Ohhh nono, it's just an idea I got from watching you do f+1+2 B! b2 >1 -- the ">" refers to a delay.  I'm wondering if the delay will cause the opponent to fly a bit higher later in the animation, yoshi will still recover the same, but the opponent may be airborne for a split second longer. 

I could be completely wrong, though.  It's just something that popped in my head haha. 

But yep, just make sure you press a button only when it's intended, I rarely try and mash buttons unless it's to buffer another move (like kin f+2) to make sure it's a guaranteed hit.  Mashing during b2,1 could cause you to enter Kin at the wrong time, or have the wrong attack come out.  Like kin 1+2 instead of kin f+2 :P

# Junon : or have the wrong attack come out.  Like kin 1+2 instead of kin f+2 :P

Story of my life... :P

But that's an interesting thought you have, there.  (And I'm totally excited that I actually understand what you're talking about! ^,^)

Added 2 days later:

YAY!  I was fighting someone online and I finally pulled off that juggle!  I have to admit that I was still button mashing to try and land the kin f+2, but hey.  I'm at least getting a tiny bit better. :P

Added 20 days later:

So hey, Junon, it's been a while since we've had an online session.  I'd love for you to teach me more, whenever you have a chance. :D

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Yep, sure thing.  Sorry, I've been pretty busy as of late, then I took a brief tekken hiatus to play some other games.  But I should be free this weekend at some point if you want to get some games in. 

This weekend?  That'd work awesome.  What about tomrrow?  My schedule is 100% free, so you can pick the time and I'll be sure to be online.

Haha sorry, I suck.  I kept getting distracted over the weekend... but tonight I have a buddy coming by after work till prob 8ish my time (eastern), I might be able to sneak a few games in after that.  Or tomorrow after work (6ish) is looking open. 

Okay, cool.  I'll be in LA all day today, but I'll definitely be home towards the evening.

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Yo, man, sorry I didn't get on the network sooner. :/  I guess I could try again tomorrow. :D

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