Anyone else have a Deviant Art account?

I have a DA gallery^^

Nice Drawings and I see you are a Deathnote Fan :)

Sweet, even though I haven't posted in two years, my legacy lives on! LOL, I'll add you all now, okay? ;)

thats mine .. but i don't have anything onthere tekken related at the moment ..its kinda lame .. but oh well

Quick update: for those who don't have me watched, I have some new scraps uploaded, including a fanart of Digimitsu facing Toramitsu. None of it's particularly Tekken-related, other than that, but thought I should let you all know.


Yeah i have a new DeviantArt account:
Check it out... Cheers!

Wow, Undead Nemesis, your Gaara is great! I think he´s one of the coolest Kishimoto characters.

"Sabaku Taisoooo!!!" :D

:o ......interesting....welll my DA account is:


My stuff is located at the following URL:

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My DA has some Tekken pics / scrap and a lot of pictures of my families reptiles.

Red, white 'n' black Milk snake is Mine AKA Lil Sparta

Both black and white King snakes

My scorpion Yoshi (Who passed away some time ago) :s

And one page 3 of the gallery is my cat Tickle. :)

My dA gallery... I hardly have time to update anymore, although, I'm backlogged with things to work on, let alone scan... including some Tekken artwork, which I did sketches of a while back. I'm going to try to work on some more Soul Calibur artwork as well; but at the moment, I'll probably continue with my break from the tablet; to focus on actual sketches (therefore, it might take me a while to scan... can you tell how lazy I am? :P) - oh, and say HI to my Tim Burton-ish bunny, Vincent. :D

Nice pics Pris! Good colouring work!!
And Kanta-kun, u´re AWESOME !!!
Not only because u drew the master of masters...JIRAYAA SACHOUUUUU!!! (ahoooo ahooooo) XD

But u´re very talented ^^ I love ur work!
And u do read Naruto I guess...every week huh? ^^

Since Sasuke has his newest outfit on ur chibi pic...

I´d love to see another cool Naruto X Sasuke or Sasuke X Itachi....pic!
Or Yoshimitsu!!! :D

Are u working on something at the moment?

EDIT: Hold on!! Ur fav band is AKFG !!!
DAMN!!! They are great!!!! I love them too, have all their albums ^^
What´s ur fav song or songs ??
Mine are Rewrite (Riraito XD), Mugen Glider, Butterfly, Angou No Waltz....
ok ok too many ^^

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Gattsu : Nice pics Pris! Good colouring work!!

Thankyou for the compliment. :)

Mine is

I started a deviantart topic on this site, but it was already here. I'll check all of your galleries, and soon I'll be making some more drawings/paintings of Yoshimitsu, since I've got none in my gallery right now.