SCV Yoshi sux! :((

Even though SCV is very new, there's already a tier list from the official SCV guide makers.

SS: Devil Jin
S: Natsu
A: Alpha Patroklos, Pyrrha Omega, Pyrrha, Algol, Cervantes
B: Patroklos, Xiba, Maxi, Ivy, Leixia, Voldo, Tira, Yoshimitsu
C: Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Hilde, Raphael, Ezio, Astaroth
D: Aeon, Dampierre, Z.W.E.I., Viola
E: Siegfried

Even though in some other tier lists, Siegfried is SS, lol xD

share your thoughts ~
Does Yoshimitsu earn his spot in this one?

Is it a tier list from before a patch or after?

From what I heard (I was talking with top SC players in Poland), Yoshimitsu is pretty solid in this game.

It's a tier list from before the patch.

I've heard so as well, that Yoshimitsu is pretty solid.
I understand why people can complain in this thread about him losing some of his moves, but he doesn't seem to me like a total loss on first glance.
It's depressing to even check this thread.

Too many tiers in that list.
Devil Jin>>Natsu>>everyone else>>Aeon, Dampierre, Z.W.E.I.

Yes Yoshi is solid in this game. The argument was that he lost his "essence" in the process of simplifying movelists.

I kinda think it's fitting that he lost his "essence," really.  I mean, since it's a completely new man, it makes sense that he would be different from the previous Yoshimitsu.

I kinda like how you blend things together to make sense of it all. Must be the fan-fiction-ing experience :D