Which Tekken character(s) do you resemble?

YAY! WHOOOOOOOOO!!! CARGO PANTS!!! Nice. I also like the bullet belt for christmas idea. I think I'll buy one for my mum.

Kogamitsu : Day by day I resemble Bryan more and more...

... I'm piss'd off 24/7 (things aren't working well right now) :(
... I heard I have a laughter of a psychopath.
... My tan is wearing off (Thank goodness! I look ridiculous with white face and brown body.)
... I bought camouflage pants! I love 'em! :D
... And I'm bying a bullet belt for myself for x-mas. :yes

Last but not least;

... ... ... played Fury in the easiest mode, and I lost to Yoshimitsu... d'oh! >_<*

Yikes. I am sorry you are mad 24/7 . That is strange about your laughter but do not feel bad. I was told I sounded like a witch when I laugh sometimes.

Day by day I resemble Bryan more and more...
Hopefully, you won't end up beating knocked out foes!? :O_o (hehe)

But as for me;

1. TTT Baek - Jeans, long hair - Except the open west tho.

2. Jin/Hwoarang, i think. A very calm, down to earth kinda guy, but sometimes loud, joking and yelling without a care. (Mostly in combination with alcohol, tho.)

3. Yoshi, definetly. Games, Internet and such is what catches my interests. I'm really one a real master of any of it, but it's hell'ave fun!

UnknownDNA : Hopefully, you won't end up beating knocked out foes!? :O_o (hehe)
Sometimes. LOL :D
I got a haircut, and I though about letting my original hair color take over once again (I dyed my hair brown, some time ago). Guess what I remembered now that I haven't dyed my hair for ages!


My original hair color is actually white/silver.

So I guess it's safe to say I'm beginning to look pretty much like him. Tryin' to look on the bright side of it, though; I won't have to dodge around little kids anymore when biking, because they flee the minute they see me. :D

HMMMM... Confortable information. (Rofl)
Perhaps you'd be better off with kick boxing instead of that Judo of yours? ;)
- Later on, when the technology grants it we can look into installing those robotic parts.

Hah. All we really need now is a real Tekken Tournament, huh? :D

I felt a big spike of irony sticking into my skin five minutes ago.

My parents just returned from Crete, and guess twice what they brought me.


A dog tag. A cool one, though. And my friend promised to buy me a skull buckle when I turn 18. :dozingoff

Does anyone else go through these kind of coincidences?

At the 12th this month i had my 20th birthday.
So some bought me new clothes, other gave me some money. Well - no big deal. But my baby sister (6 yrs old) gave me an ash tray and a flask (Those you keep boose in in your inner pocket).
- My first though was the saying "You shall hear the truth from children and drunk people."


Yoshimitsu : becuase I have the same generoustity and plus I feel like a ninja :)

We are soo deluded. just admit it. we want to be the tekken characters.

Appearance: I'm not Asian or old so that leaves Steve, Paul, Bryan, Marduk and Raven that I could look like...and I don't really look like any of them. So n/a.

Behavior: Jin or Julia b/c I'm not really trying to dominate the world like most of the Tekken characters and I look out for my own interests.

Interests: Panda. I can see myself sitting around and eating bamboo all day.

Appearance: None. The closest is Law. I've got very dark brown hair (a lot of people say it's black).

Behaviour: Yoshimitsu; I help out when I can.

Interests: Yoshimitsu; I too want to get rid of poverty. If I get my books done any time in the next 60 years (I've been 15 for about a week and I haven't done much of them) I have plans with the money. Manji Clan Style.

XD The Yoshi Fan-club has a lot of people who act like yoshi. ^_^;; (just stating the obvious and reviving dead topics)

Looks: hmm... i got Tigers hair (only when i let it grow out), the body of granyu... >_>;; and i got the legs of law for some reason.

Behivior: A lot like Lee mixed with the klepto powers of Kunimistu (J/k) and the vengeful yet careful planning yoshimistu. (When I play tekken its like chess to me. ^_^;; Yoshi plays not like a fighter but like a samuari as I predict and counter moves quickly and get constant perfects, but battles are usually long.)

Intrests: Kuma (TV), Kunimistu's dad (wasnt it her dad who loved swords?), Yoshi (I hate Bryan Fury XD) and hmm... I guess thats all I can think of at the moment.. ^_^;;

Looks: Meh, I have long hair sort of like Lei.

Behaviour: Untalkative like Jin.

Intrests: Swords, Death, Fire, Philosophy.

All in all, I don't really know.

ok you are going to be shocked here i'm a mix between,


Raven: because im so noseiy into other people's bisuness
Bryan: If you are horrible to me at home, I will slam the door into my swimming medles (broke one once)
Yoshimitsu: because I help out 24/7

appernce wise I would say bryan got short hair lol, and i do dress like a tougth person.

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I dont Resemble any character.... May be Ill write to Namco to Create a Character Like me ;) LOL