Why and when @ YOT

lol, so what you're saying kai, is you come here just to see your name in the random quotes? LOL People are usually more amused by seing the romanisation 'shite' until I burst their bubble by telling them the real pronunciation of this. Such a common word in Japanese though, both on its own and within compound verbs. Although we ARE very much getting off topic now ^^


Kai put the other face ... Noob... It was very nice....

I've mentioned this before, but I really like this site. Not only is it a site dedicated to Yoshimitsu- Yay! :-X - but all the members are considerably less rude that at other sites. This place seems to be free of drama, and it's a really nice place to relax and talk about something I love. I mean, it would be nice if it were more active, but I like the site nonetheless. :D

I feel the YOT forum and its members as a family you can always return to. I've met some amazing people thanks to this forum and I'm very grateful for it. I know the manjikai isn't that active, but I can assure you I come online daily whenever it's possible. This forum isn't all about yoshimitsu either, but it's a place, like most of you already said, you can relax in and talk about anything you want to talk about without having to worry about some trolls or negative people you'd find in other forums.

I raise my glass for the whole YOT community. You guys are the best!

Wow... That was very nice aozame... And angelboy... Its really good to hang on with you guys.... Some are really ultra superduper cool....

Thank you very much for the positive feedback Kumar

As for the main topic, I'd like to say one thing:

I don't want this site to be addictive, like Facebook or other kind of $$$ makers. That's why I hesitate from creating facebook for Manjikai. It soon will be everywhere... and what if all the sensitive information stored there will be stolen, just as the data from Playstation network?

Your identity here is your nickname, or maybe more: clan name :P That's enough. :)

The only thing I'd like to expand on this site is ease to submit your creativity. Currently it's not that straight-forward, but it will change. The main page will also turn more blog-like, since I'm going to submit more content soon.

I'm going to add here also a mini-arcade (since we all are gamers :P) with the games with soul, just as mahjong. Do you like Mahjong? I love it. :D

I'd like to only give your direction as far as gameplay is concerned (so yes, I'll be posting mini-guides soon ^^), and also I'll share with you information that I find to be useful and in Yoshi-spirit.

Remember that the Manjikai is you: you all create the atmosphere here. I'm very glad that you can see it and cultivate it. ^_^

Thats a very nice idea leader.... Please put some non japanese game... Something to quicken our reflex.... May be some arcade games like from missionred.com..... Something to improve our Tekken game.... Oh and some puzzle games.... Some lateral thinking questions or something...

@the yoshimitsu It seems you have some wonderful memories from your childhood that's a good thing, but you're still young and I hope you'll grow up a little and develop new dreams and hopes besides your yoshimitsu obsession.

And to answer why I come to this site, it's because I'm a tekken fan and yoshimitsu is a character from tekken. He sucks

# Ralenzo : And to answer why I come to this site, it's because I'm a tekken fan and yoshimitsu is a character from tekken. He sucks

Hmm, if you come to the "Yoshimitsu OBSESSION Team" and say that Yoshi sucks... then you clearly miss the point.

Not really, just stating the obvious. I've played against my brother for whole my life and KNOW that he sucks (with "he" I mean yoshimitsu not angelboy because I tend to believe that my brother is a wonderful player). being obsessed and overrating him is not the same thing.

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But we were not talking about the gameplay, did we?

Besides, Tekken 6 is pretty balanced as for tiers in general. Even though Yoshi is in the lower half of character tiers,... he still can kick some serious asses when handled right.

The difference between top tier and low tier in Tekken 6 is smaller than in e.g. Tekken 5.0/Tekken Tag/Tekken 3. Have you seen the Wang player kicking top tier players playing top tier characters in recent Tekken Crash season?

Wang (low tier) > Bryan (Knee), Lars (Holeman), Devil Jin (Tongbal love)


So... you see by yourself. Of course it was clearly visible that even though Wang faced the tops of the top from Korea, they didn't know (or rather: didn't benefit from) many Wangs punishments and weren't familiar with his range traps. But so is the case with Yoshi... Yoshi's potential is really, really huge but it wasn't grasped by anyone yet.

hahahahaha, thanks for all the info bro. But I know how the tierlist system works XD
I'm really happy that the gap between all those characters shortens as games come out, it's the same in other franchises like for example street fighter. You're probably not familiar with that game (too bad really) but dudley is like wang from tekken (not playstyle but tierlist ranking) and theres this dude who beats everyone in the street fighter community with this character he's beaten even daigo (one of if not thé best player from japan).
It's just like you said, even low tier characters can be really usefull and strong, cuz little people use and know their tricks.
But I have always played against yoshimitsu and know all his tricks :D
I think yoshimitsu is a cool guy, over the years I've grown a liking to him. I just said he sucks cuz I always hear people complain how hard it is to win with him, plus I wanted to lure some reactions that's all :D

# Tenshimitsu : Yoshi's potential is really, really huge but it wasn't grasped by anyone yet.

Is that because not enough good players use him? Or because it's so difficult to develop ones skills to a level which would allow his potential to be realized? If it is the latter, then it kinda IS unbalanced when you consider other characters can be mastered much more easily. I'm taking a break from playing but just before I quit, I started using different characters who I knew nothing about, but was winning online while I just can't win with Yoshi, no matter how hard I trained. That's kinda why I am taking a break/giving up.

Also, Ralenzo, coming on here and saying Yoshi sucks? That's like farting in a busy lift :)) Is it frustration because u miss playing Tekken against the awesome Jembru so much? Tee hee.