Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

Oh and as for the FAQ, don't worry if you don't have the time. I think your wisdom here is FAQ enough ^^

With the coming of next YOT version, I'll expand some sections more... Online FAQ will be one of it.

Gosh, I said that :P Yes, I plan further modernization of this site in the magic date of 17.08.2011. ;)

Oh wow, you replied before I added to my post ^^

Well, I watched those level up your game vids. I read your FAQ long ago but I was too new to the game back then to really follow it. I think I should give it another go. It's just.. I dunno.. I find everything so fast and bewildering. But the more I learn, the more it seems to slow down, so I really just need to practice. I haven't yet got 100 hours play time on Tekken. I realised how little I played 3 weeks ago when I saw I had only 56 hours after owning the game about 6 months. So I try to play more often now. With no previous experience of Tekken, or fighting games in general, in fact, with very little gaming experience besides watching others, I think I am too hard on myself!

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Wow.. that's exciting stuff tenshi!! I surprised myself recently when Angelboy asked mw when YOT's birthday is and I said, 'I don't know, I think it is some time around the 17th of August'. LOL, I totally knew. Dunno how obsessed one has to be to know a forum's founding date by heart!

Well, from recent activity, I am VERY excited about the changes. Really, I am loving all this Tekken talk at last!! :-X

OK now this is irritating, out of all the jin's I've faced i haven't defeated a single one. going to practice menu doesn't work because the people online mix up the combos so they're not doing the same thing over n over, so i cant anticipate anything, and the other thing i realize is this, even if i keep my distance, I'll be out of range. and the minimum distance i can keep is also jin's minimum distance..... we should all sit down one day and have a yoshi revolution, where people would be playing online and every yoshi they meet they get their ass seriously kicked. y'all wanna join in??? and... maybe whats messing me up right now is the fact i just learned that my master is female, this is unseen in the shaolin temple, but its mightily refreshing! ;) and sexy. :)) here's another fun thing for us to ponder, yoshi's dialogue translation. sounded like he said "hisaki shoku sotsu" , "ji wai ji sun!!" my japanese is rusty....
we' should all aim to make our enimies "non yoshi players" chance of winning against our yoshi VOID! FUTILE! IMPOSSIBLE! BAKKANA [as the japanese would say]

ALL is VOID people! ALL is Void!

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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I got promoted to BRAWLER!!!!!! >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) :O :O >:) >:) You people here are a blessing, i ripped their guts out B)

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I'm now a marauder, hey, how come the site suddenly gone dead?

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This site aint dead... Just people get busy with lives :p.... Yoshidivine i hope you have seen the videos of level up your game.. Those basics are very important like no one ever told me about the homing note ever before except there.... Oh one more noob suggestion is thy to make law or paul do 10 hit combo and low crush /parry it or high crush it... And if you want to get into the feel of movements of Yoshi then do combos from videos which seem impossible... Ok and vs cpu try to ss1 ... Or u/f 3... They eat it most of the time XD cheating :p

I'd like to comment on one thing: don't expect to be good without going to practice mode from time to time. Excuses like "I don't know how to play Jin, but I didn't launch practice mode and I don't know the notation that causes me problems"... they should be non-existant.

Fresh Yoshi players are mostly lazy nowadays... don't be among them :) You've got much to learn, myself I have thousands of hours spent on playing Yoshi that you have to yet get through. Experience cannot be bought or instantly gained in any way.

I can teach you what to do when, but without practice, it's all useless. Like: no words can describe you how the salt tastes, you've got to try it yourself.


As Vijay said, it's Easter times, I'm enjoying my time with my family. :) Additionally, it seems that soon I'll have to look for another job since the big hungry global Crisis is finally hitting Poland and the company I work in is having troubles... so I'll be busy the following month. Keep your fingers crossed, please. :) From my success depends whether I'll have enough funds to keep this site alive, anyway... yep, it's not that funny.

I hope everything will be allright, though. :)

Very, very true Tenshi!! I have come to realise that my inability is not so much my lack of knowledge about the game or Yoshi (in that respect, I'm really not the noob I say I am, honestly!!), but rather the fact that I lack basic conrtol. My moves very often come out incorrectly and as you say, the only way I can fix this is with hours in practice mode, trying to learn such basic skills during a battle, when my heart is racing and my hands are shaking, is never gonna work. So I've promised myself I'll spend more time in practice now. At first, this was ALL I did, but, I wasn't spending as long as I thought I was in there :p

As for the forum. Tenshi, why not just allow advertisments? So there'll be the odd ad here and there, so what, which sites don't have that these days? And if it means you earn a little from that, or at least enough that the site survives, then how could any one of us complain about that? You've worked so hard on this site, you deserve to get some gain from it so.. I say let the adverts come!!!

Anyway, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it (I do but the pagan one was about a month ago so I had my eggs already, hehe).

Yay more sections! I definitely need the faq v_v

Happy Easter Everybody! [to those who celebrate it] lol.
yea, am heading back to the practice menu now, umm can i get a link to the video...where is it?...is it on youtube? and yes, i agree with Jembru, Yoshi sometimes feel really stiff in my hands, but recently he feels a lil more free, but when i come up against a really strong opponent yoshi feels stiff again....

Which video are you asking about Y.D? Do you mean Level up your game? If not, then just let us know and I'm sure the link will magically appear. :p

Oh btw, congrats on levelling up so much! Whoo hoo!!!

Its good to know that practise makes us perfect.... but the question is.... Practise what ? I mean what do you practise in practise mode... Cos every time my friends scold me....when i go to practise mode... They think its better to play with tough opponent rather than practise... ? Personally i get better or dominant due to sheer competition pressure... I mean i dont know how i time my side steps or side walks or low parry... I get pretty awesome and the funny thing is Taunt my opponent by charging up XD....

You can practice the situations which cause you troubles. Of course, the best practice is with your friend, asking him to enter Practice mode with you ("controller mode on") and test troubling situations...

... it's because stupid lazy-ass Namco, for the reason unknown, didn't include the record mode in Practice, which sucks big time and is probably the worst thing they did. I mean: how could they?! I find it very disrespectful for loyal Tekken players.

But going back to business...

In practice mode, without your friend, you can practice:

- wall carry, stage feeling
- simple setups, buffering Gehousen (f,n,d,d/f+1), BT tricks
- general custom string flow,
- go through Yoshi's movelist once a week and refresh your memory (some ideas to test are guaranteed to come)

Anti-character wise:
- basic mixups training (defensive mode, launch two enders of a certain strings and train to see the difference, or to find a way to evade both endings: and evade the guess-up)
- dealing with most popular attacks (defensive mode: repeat the attack and see what you can do about it)
- throw-break training (better for offline) - set up defensive moder for mostly left and right throws and train yourself to see the difference and react accordingly. You'll be suprised that in least expected situations, you'll go for a correct throw break, led by instincts.

If you play with your sparring partner who mostly uses one character, get two hours time to completely know his character. It's teaching your body to react in situation where you don't need a brain (like: bread and butter strings - always punishing them right, always evading them in correct way).

I recommend you following the "Yoshi bible" thread in these forums:

PS. If you will be able to use every trick contained there, you'll be really, really good.


Then, you can go to practice mode with your friend, which is how you can test things in best way, dealing with lack of "record mode" I mentioned above. You ask your friend to repeat a custom string you have troubles dealing with, and try to think with him possible ways to get out of the problematic situation.

Lars: [random *(d/f+1, 1)], SSR~f+1+2
- retaliating with punches highly dangerous (launch-punishable)
- d/f+1 sidesteppable, endangered with another punches (you won't be fast enough)
- SS+1 too slow but hits punches (low-reward)
- low spins too slow, but evade punches (high-risk)
- d+4 decent (low-reward)

What Yoshi can do:
- move out! d+3 or d+4 to make some spacing and retreat
- hunt for SS and SS-catch him (d+2 in case of SSR, or d/b+2,2 if the spacing is right), then move out
- if Yoshi is in NSS (No-sword stance), flash and juggle in case of attack. If Yoshi is in 1SS (Regular stance), flash only if d/f+1 is expected.
- most risky: predict upcoming d/f+1 and be first with your punch, or predict both d/f+1 and punches and evade with b+1+2. It loses with SSR~f+1+2, though.

And so on...

@Tenshi ... Thanks for the advice, i would definitely do that...@ Yoshi divine ... Did you try fuzzy blocking ? It might help you solve some problems... XD

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@Tenshi... I always wanted to ask you one thing... But i hesitated for so long cos i know you would always do the right thing but its always in my head ... So Pls tell me Tenshi... Why did you ban fast legs ? Pm if you like ... Thank you...

# Junon : Here's one of the vids from me over the weekend:


I was pretty wasted at the time, so you'll see me drop combos and other random mistakes (and scrubby excessive swordsweep use :P ). But you may find some usefull tricks. I'll link some more when they're uploaded.

I think the remainder of the videos were uploaded onto the VaTekken Rage channel, for anyone interested.

Once I saw how long Tenshi's post was I just skipped the whole thing :P lol