Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

I was able to see my replays. I think I filtered a list of character ranking by friends... I'll tell you all steps when I get home.

is there anybody here other than tenshi that has a higher character ranking with yoshi than me? [above berserker]

I guess some people here would have better ranks if only online wasn't a bit boring :)
It's not satisfactory for people having offline sparring partners.

My rank is currently berserker as well, I don't play many ranked matches though, I like sticking with player matches, better connections and way less rage quitters!

Juggernaut, but online rank is garbage anyway :P

@Junon, holy sh*t, your a jugger?? hmmmm, yes, online isn't as laggy on xbox 360, however, you get disconnected very often, even if u have a ver good connection, youll still get disconected. but the button responses [when u get a 3 or 4] is pretty good, but below that is absolute nonsense.

aight so me n yoshimatsu are berserkers, and i got demoted again by the way. back to brawler.

If you're curious about full list of ranks, here it is:

9-1st kyu
1-4th dan
Dragon Lord
Tekken Lord
Tekken Emperor
Tekken God

Hmm, I like Raijin rank... I wonder if i'll be patient enough to get there.

well, i had the absolute honor of getting my ass handed to me by YOSHIMOSHI online lastnight. nuff respect YOSHIMOSHI.
and question, to tenshi, or anyone else who could answer this. but i saw a video once, with noko, where someone tried to tackle him, and he reversed it by flipping the enemy over on his back an then stabbing him in the face. in other words, the enemy tried to shoulder tackle noko, and when noko fell on his back, he countered a punch, then rolled the enemy over on their back, and then proceeded to stab them in the face. anyone knows how to do this?

The opponent didn't get enough running steps for the unblockable shoulder tackle, so they went for the generic takedown. You can press 2 to break the tackle when they first connect with you, or press 1+2 before you hit the ground to flip them over. 1 or 2 from that point will stab them (unblockable/ irreversable).

ok thanks junon i'll try it out.

Damn that tier list is a lot larger than I thought o.O
And yeah, it is pretty boring playing ranked, I rarely find people with good connection. I'm wasting more time trying to connect with people than to actually fight them. Player matches all the way, and now that I know that the pad ahead of me is SOO far, since I'm still a mentor, I'm gonna give up rank :p
Maybe things'll get better in TTT2

oh and junon, how many matches have u played ?

A lot, haha. But on ranked, I'm in the high 200's (creeping on 300s) for wins w/ like 50 losses. I think I'm around 86% win rate?

I just want a Fujin rank. The icon looks cool :P

Nice that's pretty impressive :D U seem very strong, too bad u live in america tho >.>

i had the privilege a while ago to hear someone cursing the same tune as i did about the unevenness in laws and pauls.... lol, it was quite funny. lol hahahahahaha, that made my night, online is fun when u come across these people...

Added 8 minutes later:

oh, and another thing i took notice of, the fact that yoshi has a sword means nothing, theres no advantage of him having a sword, now u might argue the fact that he has unblockables, but everybody in tekken has unblockables. now imagine this, how the hell can someone with a sword have no advantage in his attack distance????? is it me or does steve fox have a great attack distance even though he uses only his arms? for some bullshit reason steve is able to reach as far as if he had legs like bruce. lol, this game is something else....

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Well, most of characters have at least one long-ranged move. Yoshi has plenty of them. He has also probably the best ranged jugglestarter in the game in terms of speed/range (there are some longer ranged, but are slower), which is Gehousen (f,n,d,d/f+1).

There must be balance in Tekken, that's why Yoshi isn't able to just kill everyone in spot with his swords. :)

Also, the key with Yoshi is proper spacing. Not too close but not to far, either. Stay in the middle distance, the distance of b+2/low spins. If you focus to maintain it, everything will be easier. It's the range in which opponent must run up to be able to hit with punches, but it's also too close to use some of his ranged moves. It's the range where you can retreat quickly out of the reach of most of your opponent's moves, but also where he can't retreat that safely from some of your moves. I've said too much :P

As for Steve, he's generally a hard opponent to fight with. To put things simple & stupid: use more high-crushing low moves (hehe) and don't go too far or he will start using f,f+2/flamingo ;) Don't be impatient, and punish him properly! Most of online Steve's I play with tend to hunt for CHs, don't be so nice to make it easier for them.