YOT Awards 2011

Hey everyone. The time has come to get ready for YOT's 10th birthday and start thinking about what to do for this year's YOT Awards!! The offline may have fallen through, but lets not let that stop us from showing how much we appreciate our manji family by nominating our fellow forum users for awards.

So, to get things rolling, I would like to know...

Should we...
a) Use the same categories as last time?
b) Choose a whole new list of categories?
c) Keep the old ones but add new ones so that even more people get a chance to win something?

We have quite a lot of time but as I found last time, it goes by faster than you'd expect, so it's good to start early.

Oh and, would anyone be willing to offer themselves to me, and help me to organise this? I had help last time and it was much appreciated.


Added 5 minutes later:

Here are the categories and the winners from the last awards (2009)

Best artist- Kogamitsu
Best fanart- SumSamurai, Tenshimitsu and Digimitsu
Best comic- Kogamitsu
Most like Yoshi- Jembru and Kagekiyo
Most obsessed with Yoshi- Tenshimitsu
Best fanfiction- Jembru
Brainiest Member- Tenshimitsu and Grey
Most Helpful- A.K Fan1234
Most lovable- SumSamurai and Pris
Member I'd most like to have a drink with- Yoshimattsu
Best DTPA poster- Sumsamurai
Biggest Soul Calibur fan- Kagekiyo
Funniest poster- Jembru
Most active- yoshimitsu8861

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Can u add Most Noobest Player :P... I might pick atleast one award :D

Oh come on.. I would win that hands down!! I'm not good at much when it comes to Tekken, but I am the best at losing and man, can I lose in style!!

Take this little gem from 2 nights ago for example.. close match.. both health bars almost at rage, I accidentally bull charge into the wall, go into indian sit to cancel the stun animation... it's smooth, I seem like I know what I am doing, feeling kinda pleased with myself.. so what do I do next? I dive head first back into the wall, drop to the floor and get finished with a simple stamp to the head ^^ And there is so much where that came from!!

But yeah, most noobish player is a good idea so long as the winner won't be offended. Maybe.. 'most determined noobish player' is kinder ;)

perhaps add some things like ; best instructor, brawling addict, campaign pro, bro who is always online for tekken, ...

can't come up with something else atm... I lack sleep maybe >.<

Awards for...The Best contributor to the site.... Best creative ideas... Most handsome guy and most beautiful girl XD.... Etc....

cutest member of the forum?! ;F

Could do, but isn't that the same as 'Most Lovable'? Well, it's similar I think. Will we still keep the old ones then?

yes, ofcourse!

Award for most losses would be for me v_v

Kai, that's another one I could challenge!! Of course, I haven't played often enough so it might have to go on percentage for me to win, but I am quite sure I lose more than anyone else on here. But my god, do I play with all my heart and soul ^^

XD bahaha love the enthusiasm Jem

With out doubt the best Creative Display pick or Poster goes for Jemma.... I love Skippy <3

That's actually not a bad idea, an award for 'Best Avatar'. You know Skippy?? Do you play Zombie Pets? I just love that little dude.. how his head falls off.. he runs after it, and then carries it under his arm like a football. CUTE!!!

I think this was a suggestion last time around but I have no idea why it didn't make the final list. I think we were trying to keep it short back then but what happened was that some of our valued active members won nothing, which sucked, so this time I want plenty of categories.

So then.. thus far the ones I think are the best ideas to add are... lets see.

Best Avatar
Most Enthusiastic Noob
Best Contributor to the site
Best Instructor (althogh most helpful is similar maybe)
Campaign Pro (have to keep this one.. shows we're moving with the times ^^)

Maybe cutest member but as Vijay requested 'Most Handsome Guy and Prettiest Girl', how about we have 'most attractive member'? That way most lovable won't win twice. Could maybe split it into 2 for male and female, but I don't really want this to become a beauty pagent or popularity contest so lets not get carried away. Maybe just 'Member with the coolest style' or something. What do you guys think?

If I've missed anyone's idea off the list that you think should be included, I probably either didn't understand or thought we already had something similar, so just poke me in the ribs and I'll add it too ^^

Added 3 minutes later:

I thought of another.. how about 'Most compassionate member?' I've seen some real love, kindness and humanity from some of the yotians here, so although I'd be torn as to whom to give my vote, it would be nice to have something like this. Up to you guys as ever though ^^

The Zombie pet looks so adorable ... It looks sad but cute.... Its so huggable, and now you tell me how cute he does things... I want chippy.... Send me a big pic... Pls... I will vote you for best noob in yot forum....(you are tie with me ) and ill make you win..... XD

*pokes them ribs*

Howbout most creative, for the artists and contributors who put user created things on the site, which includes the fan stories, movies, etc