That one instrument

There's this instrument that you're able to put on Yoshimitsu's back through customizability. Anyone got any information on this instrument? I know I've seen it before but I have the worst memory among the human race :/

I have always just assumed it is a biwa.

Though I admit I never really thought about it beyond that and always call it his 'guitar' anyway, as the thought of Yoshi playiyng a guitar is too awesome ^^

Hope I've helped!!


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Oh and do you know about his special taunt while wearing this? 2+3+4 I think. He does a cute dance and throws money?

indeed, the opponent will even stare at the money you've dropped on the ground during the match...
A funny scene as how your opponent tries to look at the money, rather than you while fighting...

Thank you Jem~~ You've totally helped :) It does look like a Biwa and I'm gonna research all the relatives of that instrument.

Also, yeah I've seen that taunt it's so weird :P

Yeah, Yoshikun can be so funny sometimes. I love how he is so awesome and yet doesn't take himself too seriously. We all need a little silliness in our lives (okay, some of us more than others :)) )

I do hope you'll share anything interesting that you uncover. You know we're always thirsty for more info here!! Good luck!!

I will Jem ^-^ I was just thinkin about Yoshimitsu and it just snapped to me (cuz I was thinkin of writing a story, although I'm not much of a writer) what if there was this lone hero who walks desolate landscapes with a weapon instrument :O I know I'm such a nerd!~~

Also, after looking at the Biwa and all it's close relatives I realized a lot of the relatives are really mostly the same, just a small difference in the number of strings on the instrument or sometimes a bit more pear shaped, or egged, and oval.

Anyways those instruments that I think are very close include: the barbat, bouzouki, dombura, pipa, liuqin, and the mandolin. I'm still wondering which instrument I should choose for my story and how everything's going to revolve around this concept =]

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That's cool. What struck me the most about Yoshi's instrument is that it appears tp be smaller than the biwa and the head isn't curved at that strange angle.

So will Yoshi be in your story? Or is he just the inspiration for it? I'm currently writing a story in which he features, but it isn't about him, so I probably won't be posting it here in the fan fic section. These stories are written more for myself, than for sharing!!

I really am not sure, I'd love for Yoshimitsu to be in the story but I also want a lot of things to make sense so if he's in there I'll have to pull a few characters in too probably. Otherwise yeah he's a huge inspiration, and hey I'd love to read your writing =] write something for sharing sometime!

There IS a story about yoshimtisu by me in fanfic section though. It's a little weird though.. hehe.. good luck to you!!

I'll look out for it later =] and thanks!

I might update my progress here, if any, but I'm sure I won't be able to work on it for a while since I've been a bit busy lately.

Anyways, thanks you guys (mostly gal) for your input ^^

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