Harada has said that he's considering Kunimitsu and now that Jun and Ogre are back, we can do this!

PLEASE!!! Post to harada that you'd like Kunimitsu to return. It won't hurt you, even if you're indifferent, help those of us that want her back.

On his facebook, his twitter, and on here I'm posting this

Go on his twitter, link him to the image so he sees the message, ask him yourself, but please PLEASE help me!

You want to affect something in game directly? then help me get this character back.
I've done the job of posting it on his facebook, and also on his twitter. Now I just need your assistance.

Can I get some assistance?

meh, sure, why not =D

That picture look uhhh... scray and a little bit hot ... hehe :)

I wish you all the best with this, I really, really do. Unfortunately, I can't stand Kuni so I dunno if I'll take part. I would need persuading. ''(ôô)'' (that's my giggle face, if you're wondering)

Just do it for the sake of another girl on the team.. It's not Kuni's fault she has problems... We ALL have problems! Haha :X Anyway, I like to think she had relations with Yoshi. If she came back she could have a good ol' fashioned domestic with Mr YoYo in the tekken ring. ;)

Added 3 days later:

Right, I've done my bit to help get kuni back.. I've written on that guys facebook wall, and all i need you guys to do is write on it and say how much you wish you could have kuni back. You'll need to friend him though.. He will accept you, and don't worry about being creepy adding him like some random person.. It's basically his tekken update feed wall.

Like and write on my post. Or.. Create your own about how awesome hot and deadly she is. ;)

His facebook

Oh, and don't worry about his facebook looking all Japanese... Logging into facebook will automatically translate and fix that.. :P

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Wait.. is this his real name? Really really? He writes the 'katsu' with '勝' which is 'victory' or 'win'. His name has WIN? Oh my, Kuni or no Kuni, I am sooo adding this guy.

Hope this plan brings her back. Wait while I uncross my fingers from behind my back.. okay, lets try that again.. Best of luck with this.



Please sign this petition. Kunimitsu on facebook gave it to me lol. She's also a friend of Haradas.

Might as well friend her while you're at it. She looks like she needs some more friends! :P Something positive might come of this, I can feel it! :)

Signed :P

done & done~

Sure thing I always had soft spot for that dagger wielding women :D

Holy shit, check this out!
This guy made this amazing 3d model!!!!

It says in the description leaked artwork from Tekken tag 2. I don't trust it's authenticity, but it is a nice piece of work. She looks wrong without her pinktails. :P

# SumSamurai : It says in the description leaked artwork from Tekken tag 2. I don't trust it's authenticity, but it is a nice piece of work. She looks wrong without her pinktails. :P
he also says in the description :
.... just kidding, i made this in mudbox. i really hope namco brings her back in tekken tag 2.

i took the old kunimitsu image from tekken wikia. kunimitsu belongs to namco, but that outfit design's mine"

xXAngelBoyXx TTT2 not TT2 ...

# TheYoshimitsu : xXAngelBoyXx TTT2 not TT2 ...
I didn't type that myself, it's a direct copy of the video's description...

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