fisting ZeN in da house! ^^

i dunno how many of you already know me or how many awesome yoshi player i could
get to know so i´m here for finding out. i´ve been a member here for a while now
but wasn´t really active and never introduced myself. maybe it´s because this site
isn´t really up to date and some of the post are older than i am. xD
nevertheless i wanted to give it a new try now because i like manjikai and it´s
awesome how such a multilateral community about my main character can exist! :)

facts about myself:
i´m 22, living in germany (berlin) and i play yoshi for more than 2 1/2 years now...extremely! x)
the story which made me choosing yoshi is quiet funny:
i started playing tekken (or beeing interested in it) with 7 years when i was at a birthday party
in my aunt´s and uncle´s garden. in his younger day´s my uncle was a gaming freak and showed me proudly
his brand-new PSX and his favorite game tekken haha. of course i wanted to play aswell and chose
yoshimitsu because he looked like a cool robot and was the only charakter with a weapon. i lost.
again, again, again and again. althogh i was pissed off from the buttom of my heart i couldn´t stop
playing tekken or bagging for more matches with my uncle. we played a lot until the "party" was over
and i sweared to god, i never would loose again so badly in this game.

the die was cast, i got a PSX, tekken and played a lot yoshi...
until tekken 2 where i found lei (which was a new char.) way cooler xD i buyed every part of tekken,
beat everyone who thaught he´s good at it until i found my master in tekken 5:
arcade stage 5 - FENG, he raped my nooby lei ass so badly, i couldn´t even beat him in easy mode! haha xDD
i was like "wooooah wtf is that, sick char, i need to play him!!!" said and done, i played feng was even more
unbeatable than before and got bored by winning against everyone. i needed to give the rest of the world a
chance and so i decided to play yoshi which was damn hard to handle. yoshi changed a lot since tekken and
catched my interest again for a while. i played yoshi, had hard fights, became better until the story repeatet
itself. i was like "can´t be, i can´t be the world best tekken player!"

so i searched for something harder than me in the internet and and after a while and a long search i found "" (engl: tekkenmeeting) well what shall i say, i introduced myself as best tekken player ever known and wanted to get to know my master. i found him or lets say them xD. additionally i found out that tekken 5.0
wasn´t the newest part as i asked how the hell they want to play online with me! xD
a few weeks later i´ve had my first DR offline session and got raped like i´ve never stoped playing my uncle.
10:0, 10:0, 10:0 everyone has had his joy with me. as they told me that playing yoshi would be hard work for a
beginner like me i was even more ambitious to play that char like the devil himself.

today this is more than 2 and a half years back in the past and now i´m doing quiet well with yoshi^^
i´m proud of having found ppl. who share my tekken passion but i´m a bit angry about myself that i
didn´t start searching earlyer. maybe i even couldn´t because i was too young and not really able to
have my own internet or to beeing not clever enough to use it.

well that´s my little story, hope you like it ^^

Welcome Zen.. Its nice to hear about your uncle and all ( cos my nephew will also think similar ) :p. Lei is also cool character like Yoshi... This sites gone quite dormant since its xmas season or something. Enjoy your stay.

yeah hope here will be more action after these days ^^
if there isn´t anymore contact until next year: merry xmas and a happy new year to everyone! :D

who would have known you were a mere mortal XD anyways welcome too yot zenmaster

Welcome ZeN, I hope this time for good :)

why, have i ever done bad things? :D
just kidding, i try my best to have an eye on manjikai more regularly now ^^

hey Welcome Zen ^^

zen force ftw

Great to have you here Zen. You seem passionate and knowledgeable which makes you a perfect clan member. I have the passion but besides that, I am more just a part of the furnature here (^.^). Welcome to YOT!!

thx a lot, it´s an honour for me to be a member of this page :D (although it isn´t really hard to become one xD)
i´ll try to support you as good as i can because i like YOT a lot! ^^
like i already postet on tz it´s a shame that me and all the other european top yoshi player don´t have any good stuff uploaded. we should change that in future to show the world what´s going on and for helping the next generation of
yoshi player to understand this char a bit better. at the moment it´s like we´ve never existed and that´s really sad.
all i have are some old DR compilations and nooby, dusty T6 crapfights more than a year ago damn :/
as soon as i have an own HD camera i´ll have some fresh material uploaded regularly, i promise you :D

btw. for me it doesn´t matter how good or bad any YOT member plays yoshi, it´s awesome enough to be a part of all these
passion which connects us ^^

Welcome Zen :) Welcome back 'hehe'