How's going? I'm Gixan, duh - just call me Gix or G. ^_^

Been hunting for like pictures of various costumes of Yoshi - cos I'm looking to go to Dragcon and AWA next year with a Cyber-Gothic-Punk armor design...lightsabers and duct tape are at the top of my lists as far as supplies go.....

So...I figure I introduce myself and what I plan on doing.....any input on how to make this Cyber-Gothic-Punk Armor would be most helpful....^^ *bows*

greetings Gix!
welcome to the YOT forum =D
good luck with your armor design ^^

^^ Thank you!

I'm kinna stuck on the costume tho....x-x' hehe

^Do you mean cosplay? I don't know much about that, but I'll be glad to help in any way :)

Welcome to the forums!

Yes and thank u! ^^

Hi, G! :D Welcome to Manjikai. I wish I had some great pictures to help you out, but I have nothing so far. I'll keep a look out, though.

Its fine...I think I have semi idea for a shoulder guard.....floppy disks..lol thanks!

VELLCOME TO YOUR DOOM!! ;) Meh, I saved a bunch of yoshi cosplays on my hard drive I have most of them.