The most noobish noob thread ever..

I'm glad to hear you're improving Jem ^^

# Jembru : What does while rising 2 do btw? Just tried it but dunno if it worked. I did a swingy punch thing that sent the other dude flying. Is that right or have I pressed it wrong?
no, that's right. but there's a funny glitch when u do the moonsaultslayer right after that punch while your body is in a weird BT-ish stance.

it's totally not usefull but fun to watch ^^

Oh well, I couldn't make it happen just now but I have done that before, recently. Was gonna ask about it on here but I forgot what I'd done so couldn't describe it.

Jembru, i think while standing 2 is useful as mix up. Might i suggest you to search a video souten , aoten sbo finals as the key words in search. I think the match was an epic and after watching that and another match of souten i became a fan of him. Other players are good but souten is diff. I hope i dont start fan fights,


I have FINALLY acquired a copy of Tekken 6. As I only bought a PlayStation 3 for THIS game, I kinda feel as though a natural cycle has finally completed. Was just a little sidetracked with all that Germany bull crap. (okay, it wasn't bull crap but in terms of my Tekken plans, it was a pointlessly annoying hindrance).
So, I can join you now in the land of Tekken 6. Yah, I know it's gonna be way harder to play than DR, which I was already crap at, but hey, a girl's gotta try her best ^^

From now on then, my silly noob questions will be about T6. Please still be gentle with me. Also, most of the advice given so far will apply to this game too. Right, I'll busy myself by getting to know the new command list.


Those of you who chat to me online while I'm practicing should probably block me NOW, I'll be complaining A LOT. You have been warned. Tee hee

I'll gladly sacrifice myself to you on chat ;D

And GRRRRREAT news indeed!!!
BTW! I can help you in the multiplayer campaign mode if you want!
I love doing that in multiplayer ;D

Hmm, I might just have to take you up on that. I'll try to have a little dabble tonight and see what scenario campaign mode is all about. Just... if I die, would you be able to play on without me when you're second player? Otherwise, it will be a LOOOOONG night ^^

Oh and Vijay, I WILL of course check out those vids (I assume he does T6 too?). No fan fights here, surely all Yoshi players are worthy of respect, so there's nathing to fight about!!!


Congratulations Jem. Is it T6 or T6br.go on rampage with Yoshi like souten....Welcome once again to Tekken 6 king of the iron fist tournament. I love Tekken...@off topic is it me being weird or all Tekken girls are cute.. I mean i started practising with alisa for sheer interest in her cos of campaign mode and she became one of my fav then asuka leo nina anna ....alisa's chain saws , asuka's and anna 's style are way two unique. Does Any one else play female character.

Hmm.. I don't use any other characters at all but I have a HUGE soft spot for Ling Xiaoyu. I just love how she dresses and she is just soooo cute!!! If I were a Tekken character, I would like to think I would be Ling ^^ When I played Tekken Tag, I teamed Yoshi with her (so, maybe I lied about not using any other characters AT ALL, those few times, I played as Ling).

Right clan, it's Noob Question Time!!!

I realise that, unless I start to appreciate the different moves of other characters, I'm not gonna get very far with Yoshi. I need to know what I can block against and what I can't, I wanna be able to get a feel for what they're gonna do next so I can at least try to react accordingly. Has anyone got any idea how I could go about this? I noticed there's no FAQ for T6 here (well, there could be but where I couldn't see one). Is there somewhere that lists character's moves along with their damage, range and whether or not they are blockable? I'd prefer that to the alternative of going through EVERY character, one at a time, and going over their move list. I just wanna know the main ones to watch out for really. Or.. did all you guys and gals just learn by doing? Can I know your secrets please?


Oh and vijay.. it's T6 ^^

I learnt to do many of the moves, memerising hit ranges on my own but I didn't knew about juggles, frames, punishing, tech traps, buffering, canneling, wake up games, wall game, natural combos, and the legend and so on but the net can teach you much espcially when you are on your own.

unblockable moves are slow and the oppenent lightens and flashy animation comes up while doing the move but there are spcial cases like always in tekken

tekken zaibatsu has all charators move lists but you have to look at and get familier with the legend but once your are you will be able to get a ton of knowledge in no time.

BTW tekken 6 for the console is tekken 6 BR

Thanks AK. I'll check that out. I'm kinda getting there with the legend already because I started learning it when I was new to the clan!! Hmm, yeah, I admit that I have no idea how to juggle and stuff. In fact, most of the technical stuff is way over my head. Oh and also, though I'm learning loads of cool new stuff, I don't know some of the names. I only have a little TV and even when I stand close, I can't make out the writing ^^. So I'm gonna have to check out websites to find out what things are called. Wait until I move in with my friend though. I'm soo gonna have to show off about playing Tekken on that TV ;)

My point? Was there one? Oh yeah.. so I really need access to movelists online, for lots of reasons. Thanks AK!!!

# A.K Fan1234 : BTW tekken 6 for the console is tekken 6 BR

Well, I thought so, but then I looked at the box and was alarmed to see no mention of BR. So I just figured, maybe there are two versions after all. Thought I'd learned something new. :D

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Yeah why did they say BR as just Tekken 6. Too lazy to release T6 version for console. :p oh and Jembru (just kidding you) same thing happened to me. But was relieved by seeing alisa and Lars XD.

Well.. confusion over. It's weird that they only have 'Tekken 6' on the cover but, well, I guess it doesn't matter really.

So.. this is how I learned the legend... (this is a new picture, the last one was wrong, lol)

Yes, that is my name on the pad too. So no one else can use it, lol..

Cute, isn't it? ^x^

Added 8 minutes later:

Also.. for no reason other than it happened to be in the same file.. here is a picture of the stuff I bought on the day SC4 was released. I got a 200 pound bonus from work for general awesomeness, so used it (with a little of my own money) to buy all this... That was a happy, happy day!!

Yoshi... beer... sushi... sake... pocky sticks and doritos!! Bliss ^^ (there were four of us here that night, honestly!)

Quick... someone say something on topic. Erm.. can someone please explain what on Earth that scary robot thing is??

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LOL jem! The pad IS cute. :D My pads name is 'Broken' or sometimes, 'pls don't push the buttons too hard' (in that order) ;) Why does the beer look like cough medicine...? Initially, i thought.. PS3 tripping massive overdose day. Also, I put stickers on my buttons when i first started. :)

That scary robot thing... Do you mean Alisa? Yeah... She's massively annoying. What a treacherous B she turned out to be. She wouldn't stop laughing... Arch... I HATE her! She was more difficult to beat than Nancy and I believe Jins train level combined... Plus, that one level to beat Kazuya, all ninjas and stuff comming at me at once.. Phew! But above all, Alisa is the most evil. X-(

I dunno why the beer looks like cough medicine but it explains why it is so cheap and why I never get a cough!!! It was really just for when the sake ran out. It's not obvious from the picture but the sushi is (I think) 3 trays piled on top of one another. I made my speciality cheese and cucumber sushi that night too (I invented it myself and it's way nicer than it sounds, think I made it with you too Sum.. didn't I??).

I'm pleased that you had the same idea with the stickers. I've no idea how you didn't notice when you stayed here. It was either the fact that I made you use the 'visitor's pad' so you never touched mine, or maybe I peeled them off before you came because I was shy about it. I honestly don't recall.

And no.. I didn't mean 'man hands Alisa' I meant that horrible huge robot thingy that pops up sometimes during arcade. (for those who are reading this thinking, 'where on Earth was a robot mentioned?', it is in my blog ^^).

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Oh, but Alisa is the only scary psychotic robot i know... The other from arcade is NANCY. She's just annoying... I beat her ONCE on my THIRD attempt and never really tried again. What i did. I noticed she lacks movement.. I move to her quickly, side step while kicking a lot 4x then backflip away before she stamps or throws bombs.. Been a long time.. I was well proud of myself. So many REAL hardcore Tekken players have a hard time trying to beat her, and I did it on a third attempt. Har Har! :P

I think maybe I brought my own pad Jem, I am very particular with my buttons. ;)