Tekken Movie

could you send me the link, if it still works please.

Anime had a good storyline it would have been better if Yoshi had a fighting seen

OMG! Watch here:

Yoshimitsu looks like his costume in Tekken 3! It's amazing!
I can't wait...

Sweet! I just saw him in action in the trailer, I'm excited :)

Granted as we know, there are already bad comments about the movie, but I'm just more hyped for the martial arts scenes more than anything, especially the fight with Jin and Yoshi, looks pretty sweet, Naginata and a Yoshi with his Katana :3

sweet i just hope yoshi acts like a good guy not just, fight scene then its over you dont exist anymore. and holy shit bryan is packing XD.


writing from queretaro mexico, im visiting the place :P

Yoshimitsu`s best costume in the movie!!!

You might know why I say this!

Hint:look at my avatar

Oh my god this looks crappy. Cosplay 100% cotton costumes and...AXES and CHAINS?!
Kazuya fights with 2 axes!?
I mean what the hell...

And is Jin kissing Christie? Or am I mistaken?...guess Eddie´s not only beaten in the ring this time. :p

Oh well...guess I will watch it nevertheless and maybe I´ll be surprised, who knows?

YoshimitsuT3 : Anime had a good storyline it would have been better if Yoshi had a fighting seen

Yeah, that really bugged me that he didn't have a single fighting scene in the whole damn movie. And I remember being so excited to see him in it and how disappointed I was that he got no action at all.

Anyway, about the new movie coming out... I think it at least as potential to be better than the previous video game-based movies that have come out recently, but I'm not expecting much. (And yeah, I can totally see them minimizing Yoshimitsu's character to just being another obstacle for Jin to get past. They probably wouldn't keep him in character and give him room to develop in the plot. Lame.) Regardless of any negative reviews it'll get during pre-screenings, I'm definitely going to see it in theaters.

I feel EXACTLY the eay you do!!:satisfied

Well... I'm glad we have something in common. :P

So, how do you guys feel about the Jin/Christie pairing in the movie? I'm really surprised there won't be any appearance of Xiaoyu in the movie at all.

well I don´t care about Christie and Jin is what i dislike the most in Tekken. Too me pairings are only interesting when it involves something that I like so if it was included Yoshi, A.K, or King it would be another story :satisfied

LOL! Actually, I'd have to agree with you. I normally only read/watch things I care about (which is a downfall for me, sometimes, because I end up missing out on new things...), but I don't mind. :p