Tekken Movie

It wouldn't surprise me if he died during the Movie.
But if thats so! *raises my fist at namco and growls!*

UnknownDNA : It wouldn't surprise me if he died during the Movie.
But if thats so! *raises my fist at namco and growls!*

that would suck!

Maybe - but if it was from a suicide attack it might be a little acceptable, don't you think?

Maybe they should copycat the incident I wrote into the Tekken movie I made. At least Tenshimitsu seemed to like the twist in the plot. :)

Perhaps I could take advantage of it then, too, hahaha.... :D

...maybe not. If they kill off Yoshimitsu, I'll buy a gatling gun and go blasting around the city. And blame GTA for it, LOL. :D

Hmmmmm... Well as long as you stay away from Denmark! :con

Anyways; What movie? What incident? Misa confused! :D

Ah... a fan movie I made half a year ago with three of my friends. It's downloadable from this site, even tho' it is accessible to YOT members only. :con

Tekken Movie.......That sounds nice..
Hope Yoshi will be the main character.. not Mishima Family...And Bryan Should Die in that Movie :D

vijay_kumar_cute : And Bryan Should Die in that Movie :D
*hugs her Bryan doll in tears while listening to Nirvana's "Heart-shaped Box"*

anyone seen the animated one?

No, but I heard it was really bad

IT was bad but I loved it as a kid because I couldnt tell the difference between good and bad in movies so yea.. but I mean its tekken the movie its mostly about Kazuya and Heihachi's hatred

oh, cmon, Bryan is yoshis enemy, but he's not that bad :satisfied

i did i think i should give it about 3/5

(mostly because yoshi was not in it much):dozingoff

I have seen clips of the animated movie but only in music videos on youtube, it looks like it forcuses on the Tekken 2 storylines.

it does. you can wtch the entire thing on youtube, like i did. though on the part 3 of it it stopped halfwaythorugh saying that it had ended, refusing me to watch any more. DARN!

yeah it was a mix of tekken 1 and 2, mostly 2 thogh. from what i saw most of my favorite characters only had cameo appearences (law, king, yoshi, devil kazuya) only two of my favorites had decent-sized parts (kazuya, heihachi.)

it was ok, but most of kazuya's lines are sooooo cheesy!