Secret Manji arts technique....

The hitbox inconsistencies can be a nuisance, but it can also be a way to "trick" your opponent into thinking that you are in a disadvantage.

Here's an example:

(starts from 48th sec, but pay attention from the 57th sec.)

The first juggle gave them an idea that what should happen, then when the actual shit comes, it would trick them into believing that the "inconsistency" there is of their favor...

(this vid was posted in TZ a while ago, haha. I never explained what, how, and why I did in my own match though.)

I am not going to give out my setups though, haha. A major tourney's coming up.

Hey Noodle ....... I like to Commentory .:P ohhhhhhhh Tricks..... and its the same guy who said Do or Die ha ?

Who is it man ...... plz tell more about hit box :)

lol, he's "DaddyNaptune" from Cincinnati, OH.

It's important to know the hitbox of your character, especially Yoshi. FLE Butt is considered as a move, and it tends to hit opp.

There are many other things that don't make sense w/ Yoshi, but I'd say that u should go and find it out while playing. Learning it through playing is part of the fun. :) Spoon feeding isn't as effective as learning on your own, imo.

Yes Master :) I would go and do the Hitbox research but the sad thing is...... over here we dont have arcades and i have to play ps3 at a friends house and he doesnt play much either :(...... damn I have to wait for him..... like i have been waiting for 1 week to play with yoshi ... :( to time to practise