11 Death Matches :Yoshi Vs Kazuya

The Cursed (ME) Vs (T-Virus) Kazuya

Iam sure u guys gonna find them intersting :)


have fun watching ! and feed me back with comments about the good.. the bad .. the ugly.

Niiiice! Good stuff!

woa, pretty good ^^

Great match guys! I seriously like how Kaz jumps sword sweep and how you duck ewgf and sweep. You can't teach those, you have to play against each other forever to develop those reactions.

Maybe one thing: as you ducked something and you expect being interrupted by Kazuyas jump kick in case of sword sweep: use WS+1 to knock him off the air. Then punch, bound, etc.

WS+1,1 (1,1, ~3 or ~4) are generally pretty good.

@ Grey : Glad you liked them...yeah men and T-Virus plays alot against each other to the point that pulling off a victory over him is a miracle !

@ Tenshi : Waddup dear friend \ Mentor ? thanks for watching and as usual.. ur advice will come in handy in future battles !

No problem :)

In the following days I'll have some extensive "practice mode" trainings, I'll let you know if I find something useful. :)

BTW, see recent Help me's fight with No Practice (in TZ Yoshimitsu movie theater thread). I was suprised how well SSW-> u/f+3 works...