A world without bees

I just want to raise awareness about the importance of bees. They pollinate our flowers, fruit, crops and trees. We use their wax for all kinda of stuff and uh... We like honey! Unfortunately, bees are dying out, and their numbers have been significantly dropping for the past few years. And it seems as if there's not much being done about it... I mean.. wtf? They took Mad cow disease and Bird flu more seriously than this! We're literally losing our little tree pollinators! This could mean the death of mankind.. No trees - no oxygen. No crop - no food. (Worse case scenario) Einstein once said, that if our bees died out, the human race would die within 5 years...

I feel more people, including myself, need to be educated more about the consequences, and need to act fast to save them. I'm still digging up info about it online, and have bought me 'A world without bees' book from Amazon. Currently all i know is they're suffering for some kinda colony collapse disorder.

What I've done to help is bought two butterfly bushes for the garden, and explained to my little brother not to kill bees. But since there may be a disease, (Which I can't personally do anything about) I'm extreamley angry there's no quarantine procedures being taken.. It's not good enough.

I know the majority of people know there's a bee problem, but the message needs to be more widespread and stronger. And instead of ignoring the problem, we need to do something about it! Spam people if you have to! ;)

If we don't act, this could be the Mayans prophecy of The end of world in 2012! (Very coincidental)

Save the humble bumble !!

Thanks for that!! I made friends with some Australians in Augsburg and they told me that Australia has been exporting bees to Europe and the USA. It is a real mystery. A guy on a forum I use, keeps bees and he said they literally vanished earlier this year. No bodies, nothing. He just woke up to an empty hive.

You might already know this but the British honey bee (which is what we're talking about) went completely extinct during the first World War. All of our honey bees are from foreign stock. I believe many were imported from Mexico! Though that isn't an option now since America has those Africanised Bees which are just rubbing salt in the already festering wound.

There is some hope though. I was by some bushes down by the river a few weeks ago and it was absolutely teaming with honey bees. That was a happy sight and I bored my friend with my lecture on how damaging it will be if we lose them. lol

Finally, I read somewhere fairly recently (Metro Paper, maybe?) that people are taking up bee keeping more than ever before and even young children are getting involved in the hobby. Lets hope that our scientists can pin point the cause (I suspect it is a number of factors) so we can deal with this once and for all.

Thanks for highlighting the problem. They may not be every one's idea of cute but they surely are vital allies of both mother nature and mankind!

I'll leave you with this... EddIe on Bees which I shall embed as soon as I get Sumsamurai to explain it again. ^^

Lol funny you should mention bee keeping. I am very interested in taking up that hobby myself! Crazy aren't I? :P I have loads of lavender bushes out the front! Everyday I go to and from work I look at them, and they are covered in bumble bees! Yey happy! :P But Ihaven't seen a honey bee for i dunno... about 4-5 months. :(