YOT Awards?

i missed the YOT awards... one big question from me, would there be another YOT awards this year?

and also, i hope no one gets mad but, would there be a list or a thingy placed on the control panel of someone showing that he/she has/has an award/s...

Thank you ^__^

Hopefully the YOT awards will become an annual tradition.

About the panel of awards, that will be something to discuss with Tenshimitsu. In case you haven't noticed, she hasn't been online for a while, propably due to the extreme conditions in Poland lately (I might be over-reacting, but I hope everything is alright). There's very little I can do about that by myself.

We will see once we hear from The Boss.

Thanks for the reply about this Koga, really hope that'll happen

ohh, I havent noticed about The BOSS not being OL...
so, if The BOSS would be ok now, let's just continue this here, would that be ok? :D

thanks again Koga

Damn, I should have seen this sooner. I totally missed it and so there were no YOT Awards this year (last time it was mostly Gattsu and me who organised it, or tried to). This year has just been really insane for me so I'm sorry about that. Next year I will try to get it fired up again as it was a lot of fun last time.

Sorry, to sound like a total noob, but what exactly is the YOT awards?
it seems I wasn't around during the original yot awards

No, you weren't so I'll explain. Last year I had the idea of nominating one another for various awards. We first chose the categories 'best fan fiction', 'Member you'd most like to have a drink with', 'most loveable' and 'best 'DTPA' post' to name but a few. Then people voted members for the various categories, either on the forum or privately to me. I then counted up the votes and announced the winners on YOT's birthday which is some time in September I think.

Tenshi was going to make badges to place on our user panels if we won, but I think she was too busy with the new forum and stuff. It was still a lot of fun and had I not moved to Germany and been busy with all of that stuff, I'd have liked to do it this year. Shame.


oh interesting!

what will be the next categories?

best fan art? best yoshimitsu combo contributions (cough cough =p)? best fan fiction? most adorable?...

A lot of those were already there.. here, hope this link works. This will give you an idea The YOT Awards 2009 Ach... link won't work.. but I can't work out why not..

Fixed it now.. thanks to Sumsamurai who threw the missing P at me head!! Thanks Sum!!

Added 10 minutes later:

Last year's results....

Best artist- Kogamitsu
Best fanart- SumSamurai, Tenshimitsu and Digimitsu
Best comic- Kogamitsu
Most like Yoshi- Jembru and Kagekiyo
Most obsessed with Yoshi- Tenshimitsu
Best fanfiction- Jembru
Brainiest Member- Tenshimitsu and Grey
Most Helpful- A.K Fan1234
Most lovable- SumSamurai and Pris
Member I'd most like to have a drink with- Yoshimattsu
Best DTPA poster- Sumsamurai
Biggest Soul Calibur fan- Kagekiyo
Funniest poster- Jembru
Most active- yoshimitsu8861

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thnx for the link, this is awesome!

I can't wait for the yot awards for 2011 ^^

gah... im definitely not the most active this year =)) sorry for being very busy...

hmmm. how about, "Best Tekken Player" award?

I thought the same idea last year but like yoshimattsu said....

Well if we all lived in a house together I think it would be a little easier to decide who the best Yoshi player on the YOT is, but since we don't live together...Or even close enough to get together and play on occasion, I think it would just be pure speculation. Besides, in my opinion, at least from the videos I've seen posted here, it would come down to Tenshi vs. Zen....Now I don't wanna make anyone angry, and this is just my opinion. After all there are how many countless members that most or none of us have ever seen play, and as for Soul Calibur, who knows....I like the game but not enough to even speculate on playing ability

How about we determine who the best Yoshimitsu player is with the online matches???

Anyway, I didn't even know the YOT had awards. ^_^'

# Aozame32 : How about we determine who the best Yoshimitsu player is with the online matches???

Anyway, I didn't even know the YOT had awards. ^_^'

That's a good idea. A little hard to measure it but it's all just for fun anyway so I don't think it would really be a problem. Deguzzi deserves an award for his vids too and for inspiring community spirit!!

Were you around last year Aozame? I can't remember when you joined but for some reason, I thought you'd been here longer than me (because I remember seeing your name when I was new and thinking, 'blue shark??' ^^). Maybe you were just not on much last summer?

Because we (I??) missed it this year, would anyone be interested in having a later YOT awards for Christmas? I don't mind organising it again but if someone else would like to have a go, I can't see that being a problem either. Or we can just leave it for next August... ideas and opinions please...


# Aozame32 : How about we determine who the best Yoshimitsu player is with the online matches???

I'm in!
I'm totally gonna compete for that title =p

Hey, so are we gonna try to squeeze in a mini one for Christmas/New Year? Or will we just wait until August (in which case I'll start promoting it about June). We'll still do the birthday awards if we do one in December/January, this mini one will just be to make up for the one we missed this year and to ensure our new members are acknowledged for their greatness. Let me know as soon as you guys can though, as we'd need to start now.