The Forums Could Use Some Cleaning Up

As I've been browsing through the forums, I've noticed something that's been bothering me a little. There are a lot of topics in sections where they don't belong, I think. Just for a few examples, there are threads with topics about Tekken and Yoshimitsu in the General Discussion section. There's also, for example, topics about tournaments and other things in the Manji Village section. It just seems to me that some posters haven't really been paying much attention to posting things in the proper sections, and it unfortunately makes the site look kind of sloppy.

I suggest that we have someone go through the forums and move topics to where they belong.


I suppose I'm to blame. Been lazy... Right now, I'm busy with some other ordeals, but I'll do something about it before long.

If you're busy, please, take your time. It's not really an emergency, as I'm sure you know. I think it's just something that'd make the site more organized and efficient.

@kogamitsu: good luck with that. :D

@Aozame32: i think im one of those too, 'cause i usually just read at least the last 5 posts in a topic then write my post, so, I may be out of place too... but i think that was nice to notice that, right? :D

and oh... if you want koga, i may help if I have time. ;)

If the administrators are busy, could this not be a sign that we need to recruit some new admin? I'm not volunteering myself, I also don't have enough time. Yet there must be someone amongst our ranks who has a few hours a week and enough IT know-how, to be able to keep on top of things.

Maybe Sum would agree to do it? Or, there must surely be someone who could? Yoshimitsu8861 has even volunteered. I honestly think that putting our beloved forum in the hands of those enthusiastic members who would take the time to keep on top of it, will give it a new lease of life and prevent it from just burning out.

well, I can actually just help someone cause I usually dont do things unless someone tells me too (whatta lazy boy I am)

oh, and I could only assist someone(and I could even volunteer for that)... my only problem would be if my school starts, cause by that time, I cant help much since I'll be busy...

@Jembru: i hope the admins are busy, coz a change in admins may be, i dunno, adaptive? :)) i cant explain it much...
but I'm sure the admins would do something about it, at least ^__^
also, I totally agree with your last sentence Jemma...

Workin' on it. I really am, though no one believes me :P

Perhaps you lads 'n lasses could lend me a hand? Could you make a list of topics that you believe need moving and also list where they should go? It'd be a real pain in the @rse to browse through all the threads by myself. After I get the list and read it through myself, I'll make the prompt changes.

How's that sound?

I think I would the right person for the job so count me in
so far I haven´t searched for a few min.

this one should be at introductions Moved
tekken charactors Seems a bit of a HardCore!-topic to me. Moved.
hardcore Seems fine where it is, I believe :)
fanfiction, charactors, genral discussion anyone those This, too.
fanart showcase Moved

Kogamitsu says: Cheers for the help! :)

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I havent checked the forums much, but i hope this would help... if the move i suggest is wrong, please move it to somewhere you think is better...

Go Koga, i'll help as much as I could :)

-yoshimitsu's sword = from n00b questions to Manji Village Moved

-random thing = from tekken characters to General Discussion (im not sure bout this) Moved

-what do you think about... = from tekken characters to ? (i dont know where this should be, but tekken characters seem wrong...) Moved to General

hope this helps :)

Kogamitsu says: Cheers for the help!

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Seems my judgements are quiet bad :( noneless introductions? Moved manji village? Seems fine where it is. noob questions Moved hardcore Moved feedback Moved hardcore (one reason anyone can read it inculeing weirdo and so on)
I just don´t like the idea of that Fine where it is. I don't know about you, but weirdoes found me on ICQ anyway :P Introductions Moved introductions (no question here) Moved

I´m sure there is more but how an tekken gameplay category cause due to posts questioning moves, combos, hit boxes, throw breaking, juggles and stuff like that in gernal so does it sound reasonable enough :/

Kogamitsu says: Cheers for the help. Again!

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Cool!! Thanks for your effort Koga. Some of those were really old threads though but at least the forum is nice and tidy. I can practically see my face in it! - look how pink my nose is from all the sun. I'm gonna have to get some of that green tinted foundation!

Seriously though, thanks for the clean up!

Here's another one that I think is in the wrong section. It's in the "General Discussion" board and it's asking about "expectations for Tekken 7."

Also, I think maybe "Tekken Characters" is too specific of a name for the board to discuss Tekken. I think it should maybe be something called "Tekken General Discussion" or something, considering that we talk about more aspects of Tekken other than just the characters.