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hey, sumsamurai what is your psn, me likes to play with you.
Mine is psn: Ralenzo

"The Algorithm March" - with ninja

Arguments, they always get to me

Thanks for that Kai. I love the Pythons and I love to argue in my spare time!! :))

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As to Koga's post, we yotians will surely eventually meet. I shall be offended if we don't learn this and do it together.. it just has to be done. Even though I stuggle to understand it, I'll even learn the words!!

I agree! We have to learn the lyrics and do that march! :D I got the gist of the lyrics already, but i can't pronouce them.. They're real tongue twisters! :P

p.s I love how serious they are about their cookies... ALGORITHM MARCH! *serious look* NOT FOR SISSY!


I mastered it! I really must say, great find Koga. :)

And lol Monty python...

He's a lumber jack and he sleeps all night and he '"works"' all day and goes to the "labortry"

Oh my gosh... gotta love the puns..

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Lioness takes special liking to toddler. :)

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Hey guys, sorry I've been quiet for a while. Soo much has been going on in my life, it has completely changed and all for the better. Hopefully I'll have way more time for brousing soon (in fact, I know I will ^^).

Anyway, for now I just really wanna share this song because it's so damned cool.

hahaha, emo-hitler XD

# Ralenzo : hahaha, emo-hitler XD

great vid Jembru!

A beautiful watercolour animation made by Sheila Graber in 1980.
The whole 4 minute lengeth of the animation tracks the beginning of our planet right up to 20Cth; as accurate as possible to actual evolutionary events. - As we knew it back then in the 80's, it's probably not so accurate now..

Still it's gorgeous, and 4 minutes must have taken days, or even months to make! I really appreciate it because I've made watercolour animations. Frame by frame, they really do take up a lot of time! (Just a few seconds of hand drawn and painted animation takes hours)

I first saw it on TV as a child, I was about 5 or 6.. I loved it, my eyes were fixed and I wouldn't even blink in case I never saw it again! But after it finished, I realised my tv was randomly recording. So I was lucky enough to have it on tape! Fate wanted me to have it! I watched it over and over, I couldn't get enough. It was so beautiful, the music, the creatures, happy and sad. It stirred my feelings and It had a big impact on me. But one day, my tape got chewed up it was lost forever. I never forgot it, and its been lingering in my head ever since. I've been searching for it for years.. I found it yesterday and am so happy my search is over. :P

hope you enjoy it as much as I. :)

That cartoon is awesome Sum!! Just love it. Thanks for sharing :-X

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This is just too cool. Really far too cool. I could listen to this over and over. I might have already posted it but if so, well, did I mention how cool this is?

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here's a great internet comic I found the other day. Be sure to scroll down slowly so you don't get to see any spoilers.
Trust me it's worth to be ignorant at first...


But I don't understand Korean :( cool effects with the whole moving picture though.

just look at the pictures :p

OMG MY heart that was really scary, I almost fell from my chair.
Seriously bro stop spamming that comic everywhere -_-

I did see that I just played naive for people to get curious about it and make then watch for themselves >:)