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# xXAngelBoyXx : woa awesome jem!
I guess everyone loves zombies in Newcastle like you do

Dunno, geordies are surely a bit mad and completely weird (I'm guilty as charged, I must say ^^), but the zombie thing is new to me. I only just started to adore zombies a few months ago. Well, I'd always liked them, that was part of the appeal of Yoshi but recently, I've been a real fan for some reason. Just another of my phases I guess.


A very old tribute of my Yoshi fandom that i never shared here. Completely Java edited, I made little black marks via paint, as when i made it I thought any sign that I'd changed Google was illegal. Ehhh... Enjoy! ;)

Edit: Curse! I missed the 'p' in Sponsored! The shame.... I'll never forgive myself... I must die now! *seppuku*

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My avatar nostalgia.. I used to change between them frequently, because i felt they expressed mood and reflected on my posts. (Or perhaps I was nuts?) I haven't changed back to any them in over a year, I prolly never will.. They are assembled from first to current.

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I thought this was funny then... and I think it's funny now. Google should soo look like that.

I suspect my fandom has returned. Yoshi forever!! version...ever...made

I want that truck! I want! I want! I want! [insert a childish tantrum here]

But I would not wreck it, though. This just proves that you should never let Krüspe drive... :P

# SumSamurai : F**K the fire... MIND THAT TRUCK! :O
I suppose you won't believe me, but I nearly fell off my chair due to this comment. :D

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You really are a huge Rammstein fan, aren't you Koga? Is that why you're learning German too?? I'd love to find a German band I could obsess over, but besides a group who play kids songs (look... it's easy for me to understand hehe), I haven't found anything yet. It's fun to watch your vids and try to translate though :D

Lol! F*ck the fire! Mind that Truck! XD

A bit of oooo, urmmm and arrrghh! Violent hamster attacks innocent Russian civilians! I swear.. Hamsters are EVIL! Every hamster i've ever adopted was just like this one! They bite i tells ya! D:

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That's my dog Hatchet! :D He just released his first hit single on Top of The Pups. ;)

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good one koga but try beating this sucker :))

LMAO!!!! Now, that's my favourite kinda fail! :D

MERRY CRASSMASS MKAI!!! I hope you're all having lots of fun like this guy...

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Hahaha freaking hilarious this one, Look how horrified the audience are! I fell out of my chair laughing! XD

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holy shit that's amazing!!!

she definitely deserved to win !!

Indeed. I had to watch 3 times when Sum showed me. I wanna be able to do that with my hair ^^ Oh and the babies at the end. LOL

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The mouse used the force!!

A screen capture from last night's TV show, "Uutisvuoto" - Finnish format of UK's "Have I Got News For You"