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My most recent offline tournament: ShowdownGG in SF



Comments? I'll update this whenever I can. enjoi ^^

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Great videos Grey!! I always enjoy watching Bruce catch a healthy beat down!! Some wicked stuff, good job a doing your best to stay patternless and unpredictable!

Very nice fights! Gosh, Yoshi has so many tricks that I better start noting them down somewhere. :)
Hmm, I'm under impression that you had a slight input lag, am I correct?

I loved the juggle from the low parry in the 4th video and in genral your sidesteping abillies and the timing, you a good feeling for that maybe its because you have played aginst your brother alot but that is not gonna change the fact the looks great

Hehe thanks for the comments. I'm not sure about the patternless thing though, a lot of the things I do are pretty obvious. Probably just me though since I review my videos a lot. I want to get to the point where even I don't know what I'm going to do next lol.

Some of these set-ups work great mainly because it's my brother and I know he'll fall for it. I also have more set-ups I haven't done because I know they're not going to work on him. I just wish I had more people to play with so I can get the chance to try different things. Until then I can just practice by myself and there's Youtube :D.

Oh and yeah if you notice in the videos I just totally stop dead in my tracks sometimes. It's not really delay input, it's just my arcade stick I think. Sometimes I'm doing my combos and I'm pressing everything right but my arcade stick just starts blinking and doesn't respond. It get's annoying sometimes but these are just casuals so I bear with it. I'm getting my friend to mod my old stick so hopefully that will be much more reliable.

You may know this already, but I figured I would write a little about the CH SS+1 juggle, it's important to remember that the only truly consistent juggle from either direction is CH SS+1,1,f+1+2B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 for 74 DMG.. The combo you were using CH SS+1,1,b+1,1,1,f+1+2B! b+2,1 for 70 DMG is only consistent when Side Stepping Left.. Another option would be, CH SS+1,2,f+1+2B! b+2,1~KIN f+2 for 76 DMG, but this is only consistent when Side Stepping Right..

I also enjoyed the way you used KIN b+1+2 after b+2,1.. I have also learned to appreciate that move lately! Oh and nice Flash usage! I find myself using that move less and less in T6, and it's cool to see..

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Thanks Matt I'll keep those in mind. I didn't notice I haven't changed my follow ups for some combos. I really like going into Dragonfly rather than doing 3rd hit off KIN but it's about time I try something else. I think some of my follow-ups are too obvious, I need to change it up again. Make it less predictable you know hehe.

Oh and the match videos against my Dragunov friend are up. Check it yo. Number 3 is my fave, my friend got super pissed off at me for that haha.

Great stuff man, keep it comin! Oh and I subscribed to your channel..

cool stuff !

Hey yall, made a new channel and managed to upload a few matches. My friend and I always session but we never really record or save the replays. This time around I guess we weren't lazy enough and saved some matches hehe. Sorry about the bad quality but I'm just working with what I got. Vids are in the first post. enjoi

Nice footage, i especially like the last lei fight.

 Whoa it's been so long!

I made a new channel and put up a couple new videos. First post edited. Hopefully I keep this one hehe

Thanks for the update, Great games man!

 Just got myself a video capture device. Soooooo happy to be able to record in quality now. Ironically I don't have that many match videos lol. I'll see if I can brainstorm for a combo video or something. Or maybe some simple Yoshi tutorials. enjoi

 Nice I will watch your stuff sometime in the future, looking forward to watch some manji clan tag team