I had weird dream last night. I dreamt that I was a dwarf with another dwarf in someone else's house. And we were spy's on a mission....

I'd follow commands from this dwarf, and make my way quietly around the house to complete them, like finding documents and stuff... But each time suddenly I'd make a noise.. Like trip, or even step on a creaky floorboard. And I woke up occupant, who happened to be really tall and would come rushing after me and i had to hide real quick. But I was slow and clumsy, so I got caught every time. :D

Each time i was caught, i'd start all over again, but do a different mission in another part of the house... Like it was a video game.

It was quite a rush... At one part, i had stepped on a creaky floorboard. I heard him coming up the stairs, so i assumed he'd come after me up the hall. So i thought i'd hide inside the doorway. But i decided that was retarded, and i should just open the door and hide in that room... But when i opened the door he was there on the other side, just walking past and he saw me. End.

Next part... I'm some young lady sitting in a pub minding my own business when SUDDENLY the drunk old man next to me gives me sloppy kisses. END END END LOL!!!!

I guess I kind of have a dream story. It's a long story so here is a nice song to listen to while you read...

*Disclaimer: the following post contains explicit furniture obsession.

Due in part to my obsession with everything Japanese, and partly because I tend to sleep in tiny, tiny rooms, I prefer to sleep on a futon to a bed. I was given a futon to sleep on when I lived in Japan and I was instantly charmed by the fact that I could fold it up and tuck it away by day. When I returned to England and moved back into my mother's home, I realised that sleeping on a futon would be a great way to maximise the living space of that shoe-box I called a bedroom.

Unfortunately, Europe doesn't seem to know what a futon is. Here, if you buy a 'futon' it is a mattress on a folding metal or wooden frame so that it can convert, Transformers style, into a sofa. No no no.. bad gaijin.. a futon is a folding foam base with a folding mattress that folds away into a... well into a useless pile of bedding that can easily be transported to a cupboard and removed from sight. It is also infinitely more comfortable to sleep on a real futon, compared to the weird contraptions that pass as futons in the Occident. So I have been unable to buy a real futon and had to settle for a wooden one for the last 6 years.

I had been coping with the 'futon' pretty well by piling on layers of blankets or just sleeping on it folded up as a sofa which was actually more comfortable. Now however, I have a boyfriend and he stays here most weekends. It simply wasn't fair to him to have to sleep on such a potentially spine-damaging bed, and it also took to long to fold it back up due to all the layers of blankets, so I lost my precious floor space (and my room here is no larger than the room I had at my mum's place). I was at a loss for what to do but here comes the dream part...

I had a dream in which my boyfriend and I were buying our first apartment together. My mum had decorated it and bought us some furniture as a surprise. When she was showing us around, she showed me my futon which was folded neatly in the corner of the room. The wooden frame was gone and in its place, there was a double foam futon base like the ones in Japan (I never noticed if they came in double but I imagine so). I asked my mum how on Earth she managed to find a foam futon base in the UK and she said she didn't. It was one of those foam folding chairs you can get for children's rooms so their friend's can sleep on it when they stay over. Only this one was a double.

On waking up with the usual planks of wood digging into my back, I was sad that it had only been a dream. Then I began to wonder if maybe it WAS possible to get one of those foam futon things as a double. A few moments on ebay confirmed that yes, they do exist (and are called 'chair beds' apparently :D )

So needless to say, I purchased the aforementioned chair bed in chocolate brown to match the colour scheme of my room, and within days it arrived. It is perfect!! My futon now takes moments to set up and to fold away, takes up less space than it did with the wooden frame, and is super-duper cosy!!

Some people might have dreams that predict the future but personally, I am happy just to have dreams that come up with solutions to problems, so I don't have to waste brain energy while I am awake ^^

  I dreamt I was hanging out at some kinda jumble sale place. My laptop's hard drive has broken so I asked my bro if I could temp borrow one of his. He agreed and handed me a spare one to which I soon realised was old and belonged to me. It was attached to a green side panel of old 1980's computer of mine called "Gremlin" (Such a computer doesn't actually exist). Anyways, I then find myself in my grandparents back garden and drinking milk from out the bottle.. After taking large gulps it suddenly becomes think and congealed.. I feel something wriggling at the back of my throat.. Disgusted with the bitter after taste, I tip and empty the rest of its contents onto the floor. Large clumps of congealed milk and maggots plop out... Really really disgusting. I forget what I did after this....

So, what does this mean to me?

I'm always dreaming of boot sales, I love them.. They're great for hunting ground for vintage games and electrionics. ...In a dream to me, they represent a curiosity for chaos and disorganization.

My laptops hard drive DID in fact die last month... I had to install a new OS and everything... In the following week, the external HDD that had all my games on also decided pack in! So I guess no more games for me for a while.

Gremlin is not a computer but rather a Games developer.... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gremlin_Interactive   Designers of the game Zool if anyone remembers.

My grandparents garden and drinking milk from the bottle represents freedom and youth.... But in recent times, with age, life has turned sour.

I miss the past.... How care free and happy I was; I need get out more and have fun.... I also need a new hard drive. lol

 Jembru, that dream you had is actually really amazing.  I just read a book about creativity and problem-solving called "Imagine: How Creativity Works."  It's a really interesting read, and I think you might enjoy it.  It describes the process of problem-solving as reaching an obstactle and then letting your brain sort of relax and reach it's own breakthrough in various ways.  Your dream seemed to showcase that entire process.

And I miss the past too, SumSamurai.  Although, I've always been a bit of a futirist. :P  I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me.

As for my dreams, last night I actually had one with Yoshimitsu in it. :D  He was a bit of a goofball.  Kind of like Deadpool, actually.