I find dreams to be both interesting and entertaining, so I thought it'd be a great idea to have a thread where we could share some of our dreams and maybe even get a little discussion in.

A few nights ago, for the first time in my life, I had a dream with Yoshimitsu in it. (Lol, no, not that kind of dream. :p) I was playing some sort of Tekken game, but it was, like, some weird sort of spin-off. It was either a side-scroller or a 2D fighter, and the graphics were very Super Nintendo-style, but Yoshimitsu was in it and I think it was, like, an adventure game.

So, basically, it was a dream about me playing a video game with Yoshimitsu in it. Not very eventful, I know, but it was mostly notable to me because I had never had a dream like that before. Usually I have dreams about me doing things or interacting with people, never just sitting there playing a game.

But then things got kinda weird. There was this level with this giant tentacle monster (very Japanese, huh?). The monster was actually a woman with all these tentacles. I dunno. It must have been the Chinese food I ate. There was something strangely erotic about it, too, which made it even weirder. I dunno.

Someone tell us about a normal dream they've had so I can stop thinking about my weird one. :p

*Gasps* I'm always writing about my dreams! Well.. Recently I haven't been remembering anything very well... I've suffered some sleeplessness that has resulted in fatigue...

I had a nice dream last night...

They came to visit me. We had to sit in some boring room. Then we went shopping at the superstore. We had a trolley full of stuff and then paid for it. After that we got on a coach and started kissing. The end. 8)

Here's a blog of dreams I've written as accurately detailed as I remember them. I keep a notebook beside my bed of which I write them in when I wake up. If I don't write them down straight away I'll gradually forget what happened.



*lots of blank where I forget* It is night. I ran through a fair. Past a ghost-treehouse (which is all locked up in a cage), then an empty field and some swing boats. - This place was all deserted and alone. I then enter another field and this one was full of caravans. They were rented and occupied by students. In this field is a single stall and on it is a clown selling sweets, candyfloss and popcorn. I saw at the back of this place was a huge theme park! I see a huge carrasal but it plays no music. (I think because the students complained about the noise) I know I've been here before. I decided to turn and go back to the fair but as I turn to leave the carousel suddenly plays music. - I think now it was on a timer? I ran back through the empty fair and went to the ghost-treehouse. I started eating this carrot and decided to hold the carrot in my mouth as I climbed the caged bars, but then I accidentally dropped my carrot! And it's now inside the cage! So I tried to get it back monkey style! I climbed around until I found an entrance.. As I got inside I monkey-swing along the bars towards a pole near to the carrot. I grabbed the pole and started to swing on it like some gymnast.. Eventually I got near the carrot. But as soon as I picked it up, I ended up in the kitchen of my old home flat of where I lived about 15 years ago.

Aozame.. Your dream seems pretty normal me... Hhahaha :D

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That's quite a vivid dream there.

Yeah, my dreams used to be really imaginative and bizarre, but nowadays they're all usually about things in my life that I'm worried about or things that I've been thinking about a lot.

In the past two weeks, I've had three dreams featuring this particular man who's made an impact on me. Just this last night, I had a dream with him in it, but I can't really remember enough about it to recall it fully. In my other dreams about him, he's returned from his business trip that he's on right now, and when I want to spend time with him, he ignores me. You see, he's this guy I work with, and I really like him, but he's only interested in a physical agreement with no emotional relationship whatsoever. So, it kinda sucks, and I'm starting to see more and more that this guy is no good for me, and so I guess I've just been having negative dreams about him because I've been thinking about it a lot.

I'm enjoying reading about the dreams!! I wish I could share mine also, but it would take so much explaining and set-up, it would hardly be worth it... Lets just say most of the time I wake up feeling very relieved that I'm not in that world anymore... It's good to know others have very strange imaginations also!!

I'm sure it wouldn't be too much trouble for you to explain your dreams. Now I'm really curious! :p

I myself had another dream about this guy ignoring me, but they're less vivid now, so I can't remember them clearly enough to go into detail.

Yoshimattsu I'd love to read about your dreams! :)

Last night I dreamt that my mother and I were in a dirty street somewhere in New York. We were trying to cross a blind-corner of a dangerous and busy narrow road... Mum went ahead of me and crossed the road safely, while it took me a couple attempts because the cars kept stopping me. When I finally crossed, I went past some apartments and next to them was a fenced-up man made river. Between the river and appartments was a narrow passage. I needed to squeeze through it to get to the next street. I then find myself in a hospital sharing a king-size bed with 2 friends an old lady and some random teenage boy. We all had ailments. The random boy was asked to help the old lady (his grandma) So he unscrewed an electric plug socket in the wall and revealed a small bag of tablets.

- The end

That's quite a strange dream.

Just last night, I had a dream that I had a pet goldfish and some other type of fish- it was more narrow and dark blue. They were sitting in their tank and they looked like they were dying or something, because they were just sitting in the bottom corners, and there was no movement in the water.

I saw this and frantically turned the bubbler on so that oxygen could be put into the water. I turned the tank light on and the two fish sprung to life. They actually were a bit too lively and they began playing with each other. Relieved, I left the room and came back a little while later to see that they weren't in the fish tank anymore. I searched all over the house until I got into the kitchen. I opened the oven and saw them sitting in there, dead and crispy. (Gross!)

I was so sad, and a bit surprised that, instead of the two fish, there was a goldfish and an earthworm. I was just about to take them out and bury them in the back yard when I woke up.

Before that particular dream, I had another dream that I was at a porn shop with some coworkers (something I'd never do with coworkers), and they had a two-for-one deal, so I was trying to pick out a second movie. Then the dream transitioned to the one with the fish. Weird...

Nice and abstract! Look into it, your dream is telling you something. :p

I had a dream last night, I was driving a car around outside a bunch of muddy ware-houses. And I had to re-buy my pet cockatiel. I caught and wrapped him in a towel but he kept biting me.. It hurt but i didn't mind.

When I woke up I felt this was a dream about responsibility. Because i'm working, and to buy a pet is to aquire responsibilty. To accept being bitten is facing lifes challenges.

The hospital dream I had was about me avoiding some issues in my life. I did some things to change that today. I'm feeling much better. Phew!

Well many of my dreams usually start with me finding Dilaudid (Hydromorphone), or some other injectable substance, on the floor of my deceased estranged grandmother's living room, someone must have dropped it!! So I get this deep feeling of happiness, I mean it's a free buzz right? So I slip into the bathroom and try to use it, but something always happens to prevent it from working, usually something like my skin is too thick or the syringe has no tip, and I start feeling frantic.. Like I need this soo bad, just let me find a way... And I always figure out a solution, but just before I push the plunger in, I wake up covered in sweat and shaking and feeling an overwhelming sense of disappointment in myself for being so weak... So weak that I didn't even think about not doing it, but only how I could... This feeling usually lasts the majority of the day... This is one of the worst and longest lasting side-effects of my poor lifestyle decisions in the past, but all I can do at this point is deal with it and move on... I have been clean for over two years and counting!! Stay away from drugs!!!

Yoshimattsu, as Carl Jung said once: "What you resist, persists".

It comes to you again and again in a dream because you didn't forgive yourself for your weakness. Give in to it, it was your decision, it had an impact on your life, and you learned your lesson. Sit somewhere in a calm place, relax, make a summary of your experience - what drugs changed in your life, what good and bad happened when you were under their influence. And then let it go, forgive yourself, because if you still will be blaming yourself for that, you won't accept yourself, you won't like yourself. If you want to live peacefully and have healthy and lively relationships with anybody, you have to first accept and like yourself - otherwise it will interfere. Now is now - the present day. Drugs are past.

Realize, that in fact you are stronger than before, not weaker: you came through that trial, you experienced one of the most devastating feelings in life: lack of controll, hopelessness. And you overcame it. You are stronger! Stronger than anybody living without that experience.

Carl Jung would say that drugs are your shadow - the stronger it is the more effort you put into denying its existence. Accept its existence, and the shadown becomes your ally - it taught you an important lesson. Also, accept that you probably in fact liked drugs - it's a part of that shadown, probably the biggest thing you don't accept in yourself. Don't blame yourself for this as well - be aware of your emotions and reactions in a different way, emotions aren't you: they come and go away, like tides, but your consciousness stays as it is. You are not emotions, you can control emotions, and most importantly - you can examine your emotions and realize where they come from. The more you accept and examine your emotions and reactions, the more controll and UNDERSTANDING you have. Watch them appear and dissolve, watch reactions of your body, examine them, accept them, understand them, and they will be integrated - they won't bother you again.

Tenshi's right, Yoshimattsu. I would offer up my own words of encouragement, but everything pails in comparison. :p

About dreams, however, last night I had a complex dream involving different scenarios somehow blended into one. I was going to work, I was late somehow. When I got there, I had my uniform on, but my hair wasn't up like it should have been, but no one seemed to mind. Everyone was more focused on the fact that America's president, Obama, declared that North Korean citizens no longer had their rights as human beings... or something. (This is all in a dream, mind you.) I think he thought it would help 'get rid' of the North Korean problem, when all it did was make those atrocities legal.

Then I was leaving work and it was raining really hard. I took my bike and put it in the back of a truck. I got in the truck and, for some reason, I was in an awful mood. I was trying so hard to get out of this flooded, muddy parking lot that I didn't care where I drove or what I ran into. Finally, still in a wet uniform, I went to this party with my old high school classmates and some under classmen. There was this really silly young woman I remember, and for some reason she was giving me a hard time about failing a test or something. Normally I would just walk away, which I did in my dream, but at the last minute I went back into the room and threw her down on the floor. I started to try to kick her in the face, but for some reason, I just couldn't manage it.

Have you ever had those moments in your dream when you're trying to fight someone, and you know that in reality you could do it easily, but for some reason you can't in your dream? Like, you're either moving too slow or you're suddenly weak? I hate that...

That was beautiful Tenshi, thank you...

I'm glad I could help, Yoshimattsu :)


Going back to dreams:

Dreams aren't just dreams - they're like a continuation of daily, conscious life, and the dreams we have also are continued in the daylight in a form of a deep feeling inside the body. Dreams can be our best friends...

There are many types of dreams. Moreover, there are dreaming symbols that are archetypes and are common for all people in the world. Some symbols are also of our own, they result from our experience.

I've had many dreams, the "great dreams", the "lucid" dreams, also lesser ones, prophetic dreams as well... the last ones aren't too pleasant because you know that something will happen but you don't know the exact details.

I also had many dreams with Yoshi :) He always was an easygoing (but wise and experienced at the same time) type in them, having crazy and funny ideas... There is something special about Yoshi - he's funny and easygoing, but at the same time he moves with confident grace and has lots of charisma.

In one dream we took a taxi and were to go somewhere, and Yoshi suddenly just opened the window and leaned outside, making a fool of himself and shouting around like "woohooo! crazy taxi!". I was really embarassed and tried to drag him inside. :)

In other dream we were escaping some kind of beast resembling a great bison or a bull, I couldn't see it clearly. We were balancing on an old scaffolding in a big factory. Obviously Yoshi was doing fine whereas I had some problems :) When the time was right, Yoshimitsu said "follow me!", and we jumped through the window and rushed down a sandy road, which led to a dark forest. I could hear great bull following us. Suddenly we reached a village (Manji village). At this point Yoshi told me to keep on running and he turned around to face the beast. He defeated it with one powerful sword slash. Manji ninjas were cheering... and it generally looked like there was some kind of festival going on in the village. I was quite confused. Seeing this, one of the ninjas said to me: "Don't you know? It's a tradition. Once a year Yoshimitsu defeats a beast!".

Then I woke up. The last sentence is still very suprising for me, I feel like it has some kind of meaning which I can't understand yet.

There were many other dreams with Yoshi, he was always helping me in a difficult task. ...

Also, the dream symbols which are specific to me are a tornado (70%), the sun and my childhood areas, the eagle and a lightning (less often). When these symbols appear, it usually means that the dream was important and I should examine it, or ... that really the big storm is going to happen soon. :)

When new YOT will finally land online, I plan to make a "Self-progress corner" :) It will have a section dedicated to dreams, we'll try to read them together :)

I had a dream this morning in which I was on some sort of military installation, and I was suppose to drive one of those old military trucks around and help a group of people move household furniture.

I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I'll be moving soon into my first apartment, and so I don't have any furniture! :P

I seem to colour my dreams with the hues of my madness... B)

To be fair, I enjoy reading about people's dreams, but I prefer to keep mine to myself. Being a storyteller, my dreams are my muses; I force myself to obsess about a process-at-hand, until I see a dream about it. Once it's written down, I may finally let my mind rest, think of something else and let the story brew until it's ripe.

But more than often I see dreams that begin to bother me. Usually more or less premonition-like dreams, that explain themselves through time.

For instance, I saw a dream one night where I kept stabbing beer cans and shooting liquor bottles. Guess what change I've made in my life? :)