Curious about Yoshi? Under the mask...

You are skating on thin ice. If you choose to continue, you may never be able to go back.

You will beg and plead to return to normal life, but nobody will be able to help you.


The secrets under the mask are not to be revealed to the average human. Not many would handle the amount of AWESOMENESS and ATTRACTIVENESS released in the moment.

Your head would explode, and yet you would still live, cursed to wander about in endless torment.

I read somewhere that Yoshi in T2 was supposed to be a man in his 60's. I know how he looks as if he's in his mid 20's. But hey! Watch his T2 ending. (I don't think he looks that young.) Those who are indecisive or disagree... I believe that a man entitled position of master of manji clan, would need to acquire quite a significant number of years experience in fighting, stealing, teamwork and raids. So yeah, I think he's an old long-standing and experienced member of the clan who progressed and became leader.


A mature asian man with black hair that probably has a few grey strands. His skin's soft and is slightly pailing with age. He uses weapons ect. So he's gotta have a scar or something. Even if it's from shaving. And I think he still has his real eyes; they are narrow and his eyelids with clean slits that fold over.

Because he's seemingly old-fashioned in ways of speech and values. I believe behind the mask he might express facial hair traditional of edo times. (It also tops him to be ultra manly) :yes ....And would provide a cushion like protection to stop that mask from sticking with sweat and rubbing against his face when fighting. LOL Just Joking!!!:D

Well... that's T2. But he's aged alot since then! And with all this so-called mechanizing or whatever. I'm not sure if I wanna guess what he looks like now.:|

Here's a pic I drew of him. Few things I don't like and would change are:

Philtrum's too wide (The line above lips) and eyes are too big and maybe I went OTT on that goatie. ^^"
1174-yoshi 2 visor.jpg

well to me, yoshi is a sexy shaved asian guy :D
LOL! atleast that's what i want to believe o_o

Then will someone explain to me why his eyes glow? Why he can wear masks with no nose? Why his skin is dark and aged? And what's up with his voice? Sounds kinda mechanised to me. I do hope he's beautiful under the mask too but really, having applied logic, is it likely?

Also, nice pic SumSamurai but didn't you read Sharp's warning? Now I've seen his face I wont be able to wear my cool hats any more!


hmm maybe his costume is high tech.. i don't think those are his eyes..there wasn't any reports of saying his eyes were taken out or anything just his arm. thats pretty much it. he used to be just a guy in a mask now he's like a predator dude. still hot tho.

Jembru : Also, nice pic SumSamurai but didn't you read Sharp's warning? Now I've seen his face I wont be able to wear my cool hats any more!

It only works if we see his true, Namco-approved, face. Your brain makes the "OMG-ITS-YOSHI'S-TRUE-FACE" connection and your brain short-circuits, thus exploding your head.
And I agree that he's gotta be a lot more messed up. Zombie-like messed up.

Since you all are so curious, I guess I have no choice. Turn back now, if you value your life. The truth is below.

Maskless Yoshimitsu.

You know, I suspected as much. I heared Yoshi singing in the shower a few nights ago and I thought 'hang about, that voice is awfully familiar!' Ha ha, well done for making me wet myself with laughter. You now owe me a new sofa! Green please. With a sort of leaf design so when I sit on it I can pretend I'm in a forest! x

I agreed whit Gattsu, zompie-look is the hottest ;3

well, until now, no one knows what yoshi is when he's unmasked, oh well...

question is, he doesnt look like he's a human in tekken 6(P1 cos) and also in Tekken 5(P1), although his legs and feet look like human in T5, his face doesnt look like human, and if you notice carefully his arm in T5/T5DR , its as if Yoshi is skinless...

Dunno really... ahehe:D

T6 Yoshi(P1) and T5/T5DR Yoshi doesnt look like he's a human, but T1,T2,T3 Yoshi, looks human to me... just my opinion

according to SC 4 is face is made of wood so... (W.T.F namco!)

really? in SC4, yoshi's face is made of wood? I didnt know that! but, his face there doesnt, look like wood...