I'm Luminoseti and I'm pleased to meet you all :)

I'm sorry that I didnt do this earlier,but I'm not too fond of forums so I thought that I should pass it (and now I'm feeling bad about it |D )

I'm a bit shy and a complete newbie with forums(You dont know how long it took me to find "write a new topic" button that was in front of my eyes) I should also say that my english isnt too good either,I hope that you can live with that. I like to draw a lot,I'm not sure thought that am I going to post any drawings on this web site.

I have played Tekken at several points of my life,when I was small and playing with a playstation,few years later at my best best friends house on ps2 and now,still with ps2.
Tekken is something thaty has existed all my life literally. The best Tekken I ever played was Tekken Tag Tournament. While I was still young,I didnt quite get what was going on in the series thought and I also thought that the characters looked creepy. Yoshimitsu was one of those characters I thought to be absolutely scary,yeat I still played as him a lot. I liked his p2 costume a lot and thought that his p1 costume(from Tekken 3) was ugly. It also made me think a lot about why he looks like that. Now years later,I saw Tekken 3 for ps1 in a local game store that I visit often. I coudnt help myself so I bought it. When I got back home with it,I played for a while and once again started to think why Yoshimitsu looked like that.
It came to me as small shock to find from the manual words Space thief. I never would have quessed it. Buying Tekken 3 led me to buy Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 5,all that just to see Yoshimitsu. Now I also have Soul Calibur 2 in my collections :)

I think that I know a lot of basic information about Yoshi by now. I love to read things from wikipedia :)

I hope that I didnt make you bored with all my blabbering.

See you soon :)

Welcome to the clan!!! I'm Matt, it is great to meet ya, and learn some about your history with Tekken... Enjoy your time here!

Thanks :) I'm pretty sure that I will spend a lot of my time over here.

Hey welcome at yot.. I´m glad we got and other new member witch is brave enough too interduct him/herself even though they don´t comfortable with writing english and is a bit shy so enjoy your stay please :D

Welcome to the Manji Clan! :D

welcome to the manji clan ^.^