News from Tekken 5.1


... It seems that almighty Namco want to tone down already toned down character. :(

- Sword Sweep is reported to have worse range. >_< Good bye Yoshi!!! >____<!!!
- After Kamikaze~3+4~u, D/B:3 is no longer guaranteed
- Indian Sit, Meditation and Kamikaze regains only about 3 points of health.
- POGO f+3+4 has shorter range.

+ Roo Kick is reported to have better recovery on block.
+ Indian Sit mixups seem to be faster.
+ Bad Breath seems to have better range.
+ Bad Breath 3_4 causes inescapable stun similar to SS+4. D/B+1+2~3 CH, 1+2,1+2 combos.

Excuse my swearing... Gosh why do they have to tone him down again...?

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*bangs head against wall*
*finishes banging*

Well... at least they ehanced him a bit, too. Just why is it they are always picking on Yoshimitsu? Are they afraid he'd become too powerful? If that's the case, they're barking at the wrong tree. :(

Damn Namco. I now hate them even more. They seem only to care about the Kazamas and Mishimas, and they look at Yoshi as a Tekken mascot.

He was enough bad in T4, and now he's even worse?


Mesa stupid now.

That, my friend, is what's called a person getting angried to patheticness.