New yTS Theme

Hey, Zombiemitsu! Are you new here?:D

Welcome back, Zombiemitsu!! I'm glad you like the new theme :)

Haha, at last we have Zombie-Yoshi in Tekken 5, do you like this new outfit? ^^

Yes I like the Zombie-Yoshi outfit. But i play mostly with the crazy blue 3rd costume or 1p customized mostly black color. Ive seen SC3 outfits; im leaning toward the Alien looking 2p as my favorite. But am glad to see human looking Yoshi behind 1p mask. I know Tenshimitsu likes Yoshi in his more human forms. I really like SC so im looking forward to SC3 in October.

WAAAAAA! hey im back again, been gone for while and missed a few things, came on today and saw fires and a gate, but now i logged in its changed again??? wat happens?

Edit your profile.

great job again, have you ever thoguht of a qualification in art of some such???

wait a second. did I just see the forest theme of yoshi for some reason?

darn it... after I log in, it's gone again...

Tenshimitsu... are u working on the evergreen theme? It was defeinitely something I never seen before. That one will be whatever I am setting my theme on. it was awesome.

I'm currently working on too many things. This theme, article, FAQ... by now I chose FAQ because I'm fresh and focused after some tourneys, gonna write everything down before I forget...

... then come back to the article. :)

Don't worry... just take it bit by bit and as long as you want. We are patient, right guys?


... yup. Getting yoshi's game better > anything else.

I'm telling you guys, her FAQ will be again huge , there w'll be huuge stuff to read. I know it :D it's not a guessing :D

I spent whole night to help Tenshi with screenshots to current skin:D I'm glad she didn't waste my work.And with pleasure I can help again :D

I have to say that the current theme is the best one so far. YOT/YTS has never had better. It's much easier to navigate yet it still looks so sweet and simple. Oh, and I love the colors! Great job, Tenshi!

The engine is also much better... the menu tree is very effective, and the site seems to be pretty faster...

Bug: When I try to post a comment on a news post, I get an error message.

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Dinaga : Bug: When I try to post a comment on a news post, I get an error message.
I had the same problem when I tried to post a comment on the poll.

The comments system might not work properly yet. Especially for the Gallery (it doesn't work there at all.)
I'm going to investigate this problem.

EDIT: OK, comments work. :) Any other bugs you found? Switching to this engine was very time-eating, quite frustrating and very difficult. :) There still might be some errors. :)

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