7 Days to go!! What are you doing to prepare??

Yup. 7 Days. And not "This is how long Samara lasted in a Well for 7 days" but 7 days until our release of... well, you know.

Share your thoughts, experiences.... whatever youre now doing in order to tide yourself over!!

Personally, I just Downloaded and burnt Tekken Tag's Original Arcade OST along with the PS2's Remix to listen to as I drive to and from Work. Ive also been hammerin' away at Dark Resurrection as I know that A: My skills are going to win some Maches in a BIG way and B: Dark Resurrection's Days are numbered. Add in some YouTube Video Studyin' (Of Noko quality, of course!!) and new Movelist observing (Thanks Matt!!:D), and viola!! I would also like to add in that I will be hapilly picking the game up come Midnight. In 7 days!!

How about you guys??


well listening music, heavy metal and rock, searching tekken stuff, youtube poop, reading tekken story lines, tekken matches from youtube, play tekken aginst friends. and this was my best help, when i think of it this way, i have waited 2 years for so why is 7 days a problem.

I haven't played Tekken in quite awhile...

So I can't say that I'm doing much preparing.

Well I will be hammering away at T5DR for PSP, slicing my way through the entire Ghost library at Tekken Zaibatsu (Divine Fist Ranks, with a couple exceptions) Right up until the midnight release I will be playing, and researching, watching videos, preparing strategy from the movelist...All that stuff!!!