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# Ralenzo : you can air juggle, bound and get rage when you're hp is low.

This is the info I wanted, thanks :)

ow, but that wasn't really info, it was just a "what if"...
But from what I have seen from the videos they've uploaded, you CAN:
- airjuggle now... what a shame =(
- get up like in tekken (roll backwards or forward and dive)
- tag in your partner (like tekken tag)
- charge your moves (when ryu charges his shoryuken a shinshoryuken came out, which used to be one of his ultras)
- focus attack is no more present, something unique to sf4 only. It's an attack which can be used to absorb ONE hit (except for armor-breaking moves) or which allows you to cancel your moves with the cost of 2 small meters.
- The tekken cast has only 4 buttons like in tekken, the sf cast has still their traditional 6 buttons.

Those are the things that has basically changed as far as I can tell, priorities of characters their moves also seems to have changed, but that's something I can't explain since you're not familiar with that game.
Hope this answers your question

How do people play funny looking games like sf4 or vf... Or doa....

Describe your word funny please ? What is so funny looking about virtua fighter, do you even know virtua fighter ? It's like the most least appealing, fun looking fighting game I know off. It's like dead serious, u don't see no bears, kangeroos, wooden dolls, high school girls, robots or suiciding flying ninjas with katanas in that game bro :p
So please explain me how that game is funny looking.
Dead or alive is more like, sexy looking I dunno, too many jiggling boobs if u ask me, so I don't know how u can find that funny looking too.
And street fighter, well, it has a lot of variety let's keep it at that :D

lol at the dead-seriousness VF has. Indeed that it's one of the most serious looking games there is.

lol... Tekken is a funny game too... But on the other had i think soul cali 3 is better game... Funny meant funny graphics... People throwing projectiles... Oh apart from that i think robots can fight... And did you ever fight with a bear... I once did... And i lived to tell the tale.... XD but they cant do combos... :p oh and mokujin is like an ancient body transfer technique... :p ralenzo... Tekken rocks in graphics man.... No one else got that...

Ow you were talking about the graphics, I thought the game in general. Well I concur with you that tekken has great graphics, it's better than DOA's graphics, but incomparable to street fighter's graphics, street isn't meant to have realistic graphics like tekken or dead or alive. And yeah soul calibur rocks indeed, and their graphics are also top notch, which is normal cuz it's from the same company and all :D
But I still believe that no one has exceeded virtua fighter graphics wise, it's the first next gen fighting game and still the best looking (graphic wise)

Indeed, I couldn't agree more, VF is a pretty old game by now, and it still has amazing graphics.

Do you guys think that sc3 gameplay is superior to other games ... The defence system and all... I once read a comment that nasa should go and learn from sc3 /namco people ...on how to program flawlessly... Personally i like sc but cant play cos every one plays Tekken here(blame that on me cos i encouraged every one to play Tekken) and playing Yoshi in sc is very very confusing... But i will give it a try... May be later...

What do you mean by nasa? I hope you don't mean NASA and its space research, cuz they are far more advanced in technology and programming etc. Than a gaming company like namcobandai...

And yeah the gameplay in soul calibur is definitely top notch, it doesn't have any flaws I think. But I don't think it's superior to other games. Think about it, if it really WAS superior everyone would be playing it. SC3 is the best soul calibur I think, SC4 disapointed me a little, and I hope SC5 will be really good with good online play etc.
But the SC series is too different to compare them to other fighting games and call them superior.

I didnt say that about namco its some random guy.... And i dont think NASA has the best guy with brains... There is potential out there which goes untapped.... We just dont know... And coming to soul cali... I dont think people would like to play perfect or difficult games.... They want fun its for the same reason Tekken is famous for... Its button smashing easy gameplay.. And its flawed character... Learning curve of sc is very hard i think... But i have the ring out... Its very gay... :(

Ow you think so, I've never found the learning curve of soul calibur really that high. I picked it up and got into it pretty fast :) but what also helped was the tutorial in SC3, it's still the best tutorial I've ever seen in a videogame. And yeah I agree with you kumar, people don't want to play "perfect" and difficult games. That's why they're gonna change the gameplay in SC5 a little, so more people will pick up the game.

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Btw kumar, u play SC on ps3 or xbox ?

# Ralenzo : And yeah I agree with you kumar, people don't want to play "perfect" and difficult games.

Yet again, another reason why Virtua Fighter isn't that popular

I play on Ps3.... controller is good :D

# vijay_kumar_cute : I play on Ps3.... controller is good :D
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We have SC4 on the ps3 as well