Customization Screens!!

Not too much to get that excited over, but this gives a slight taste as of what to expect come the 28th!! Click:

Wheres the Yoshimitsu love?!?!


Look at this Yoshi costume!! Crazy I like how he looks like an old statue.

Looks pretty versatile alright.

By the looks of it, it seems the Namco people have concentrated more on the game engine and its tricks and accessorizing the characters than improving the story. I'm not complaining, though, but I get the feeling that all the best stories have already been told. Everything has to look fancy nowadays, the actual happenings seem to be a secondary concern.

Pity, I think.

Yoshimattsu : Look at this Yoshi costume!! Crazy I like how he looks like an old statue.

That looks INSANE.... and also makes the wait for this game a little more excruciating. Is it October 28th yet?!?!


16 more days!

15 for me!!! Anyways, does anyone know how the customization will work, will it be like Soul Calibur 4 or more like the previous Tekken games only more in-depth???? Like in Soul Calibur you can build a character from scratch with an existing characters movelist.. Tekken is more of a customize existing fighters, than creating new ones...

From what Ive seen, customization options look absolutely insane. Or so I thought.... Depending on what character you choose It appears as if Namco learned from when this system was first introduced with 5 and was brought further with SC4 and T6.


While we have a slew of options at our disposal, everyone somewhat recycles the exact same pieces.... So while Hwoarang had the option of wearing a Baseball Cap with Shades and a Mandolin at his side.... So did Yoshimitsu. Whaaaa??

Heres a Link to a Korean Site. A big thanks goes out to Tekken Zaibatsu. Its the Yoshimitsu Link by the way:

I really hope that this isnt it, at least for the console release.... seriously.... look at how ridiculous some of this stuff looks on our poor, poor Yoshimitsu!! Toy around with the tabs to the Right, where you see 1P/2P/철권. Keep 철권 highlighted and use the Down Arrow with more 철권's to view different parts of the body.

Some stuff looks ok.... but MAN!! Yeesh!!

Lastly, heres a GameFAQ page with URL's aplenty. Enjoy!!
I didnt get to look at all of these, so be sure to give your feedback!!


Wow crazy options!!! You're right some of them don't really fit Yoshi at all.... Very cool though, nice find!!!

His 'style' has become a more overly spacey and less old-fashioned. It's much more focused on what people want to customise him into.. Rather than somewhat limited to Yoshi's (thought to be old-fashioned) character.

I'm gonna try to customise him as old edo-style as much as I possibly can!

wow, epic options, although, but nothing that suits me

Yeah I think there will be more on the consoles, plus downloadable stuff.. I still have high hopes that I can make a Yoshi that suits me perfectly.

yea, i heard they delayed the release date to simply add more stuff and extra's

xXAngelBoyXx : yea, i heard they delayed the release date to simply add more stuff and extra's

Absolutely. And heres a link to a slew of screens showcasing all (??) of our new costumes:

And some Yoshimitsu Cardboard Tube Action featuring a HORRID Yoshimitsu Player:

Hopefully we can have the ability to customize his face. Highly doubtfull....


hey, isn't that the penny arcade samurai costume?

i love that guy (from the internet comics)

Yup!! I'm glad the folks at Penny Arcade chose Yoshi for their exclusive costume!! Personally I love the costume, the cardboard tubes are just awesome!! I'm curious if they will allow him for purchase from PSN for the people that didn't preorder T6 from Gamestop?? I'm sure they probably will considering most games offer the little bonus DLC, that only some could get, to all later...for a price I'm sure..