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A quick update, I went to my hometown in the Philippines on the 1st to visit family and I just got back to Guam on the 12th. The Tekken scene in the Philippines is pretty active and I took any chance I could get to check it out. I enjoyed playing there very much but I wasn't very pleased with my performance at the arcades. I would like to put blame on the fact that I can't play Yoshi/Kuni but past that handicap, I realized I'm not a very solid player. I played Yoshi/Xiaoyu, Yoshi/Ganryu and even solo Yoshi but I didn't play very well with any of them. I know I would have done a lot better with other teams if I had better fundamentals. Going to change my practice a little bit and work on basics.

Personally speaking, I currently have a girlfriend and I've been given a lot projects to finish at my job. Can't say that's going stop me from playing Tekken but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to tone it down a little bit. I still love this game and hopefully I can still keep playing and make videos. 

Peace :D

Yea I have heard that they had a Tekken scene on Philippines, that makes total sense thinking about Filthierich.  Hey aleast you know what to work on and having fun doing so, that's a good start =)  sure we might lose once in awhile but with Tekken it's about noticing padderns and abusing them to max. I could imgaine that it would be highly difficult adapting to new scene, with there own established little costum details that goes around in there group of players (If you know what I mean) I can tell that next time you could and would do better with that knowledge in mind 

Ofcause there are way more soild players out there than us, it would be strange if there weren't, but sometimes there are cases where that's thrown strait out the window (not thinking about botton mashing lol) All the knowledge and execution wouldn't give you the victory, it sure helps and is a big part of what makes Tekken, Tekken, but when It not enough, it's up to the player with his or her mind, tacitics and player knowledge..

In this Tekken patience and movement execution still means a lot, and also Yoshimitsu isn't exactly the type who helps us win the game - rather we must cover up the holes in his strategy with our gameplan.

Kunimitsu is in fact similar to Yoshi as for his main weaknesses - not so good lows, not so good tracking in basic moves.

Anyway, playing with better people levels up the game a lot, it's always a good experience. :) When I lose a lot, I always feel that I'm better with each next game, the only thing I don't like is that usually people don't want to play e.g. 20 games in a row :) Probably afraid of having their style uncovered, hmm :)

Funny that you mentioned it because i'm beginning to play some SC5 once a week at school, to astablish a Fighting game club (sorta) and one of the things I have noticed is that when you play for a long time, you begin to develop habits without a single thought behind them, which is helps me to react quickly, because it feels like a fluied natural motion. There isn't a single second wasted on jugding nor convinsing yourself because you are hesitating.

It's good to have some of those to help you out, cause fighting games are really stressful in the long run  

Since it's only one time a week, it's funny to see how the folks are evolving as players, how there analytic skill becomes better from countless losses, and how they learn to take them without anger, and how some frustrations becomes a fuel, a motivation, instead of a handicap. I'm really proud because they have made a huge leap forward and matured as players.

I really try to made them better players, making them think about the mistakes, because I'm able to see them and punish decently and it has really paid of big time. It perfectly proves your point Tenshi, about having their style uncovered even though they properly haven't found themselfs as a fightninggamer yet  

 A.K. Fan!  I love your avatar! :D

My brother made it! XD

Then you can him that he has got fine taste, and that I stole his picture shamelessly  
Anyways how it's life going, it's been awhile since there has been activity going on now =/   

 Wassup wassup. Still actively playing but I don't post in forums anymore lol. I just lurk around TZ and watch Youtube vids most of the time. Seems like A.K. is the most active one around.

Anyways, anyone going to Evo by any chance? Sadly I'm not but a few of my Marvel/SF friends are going. I wish I had a chance to have represented the Tekken scene.

I have finally been able to visit a memeber of this site in real life, which is still H.U.G.E deal for me,so I was very glad that I was able to do so =) 

It's great to know you still are strongly into ttt2, both with content andinterest wise, which is something that I seroiusly lack these days =/

not that the game is boring not by any means, there is still lots of undiscovered stuff, even among the best. But it's tough to remain interested in game which you do not get a decent match in. Hell I think that I have been playing more soul calibur this year, than I have played Tekken in 4, due to my little fighting game school project =)   

Besides my little moaning, I really find it up lifting with your passion about Tekken, going to evo, match videos, etc.

Nicenice. Would love to have a sit with any of you guys but everyone here is international. Hopefully I'll fly out somewhere one day and meet some of the members.

I still very much love Tekken. I'd say I love it more now than ever. It may not be the most active and popular game compared to T5 or T6 days but I play it more than ever. Currently. this is definitely the best I've ever been at Tekken. Though I don't get to play others as much as I want to, online or offline, I still read and watch a lot of content. As it is now, I know I'll still be playing as much as I can.

 Hey hey,

There are some leaks that Tekken 7 will be soon announced :)

And look here:

Official Tekken site was revamped :D
Be sure to press "Shuffle" in versus character screen and vote for our beloved Yoshi! :D

Watch the "BANDAI NAMCO GAMES FIGHTING GAME PANEL" live from San Diego Comic-Con 2014. PANEL START 12:00 (US Pacific Daylight Time).

There will obviously be Tekken 7, but I'm crossing fingers for Tekken X Street Fighter as well  

So I bought a 3ds last week and I'm currently learning to play Smash 4. I'm maining none other than Yoshi of course and he's a lot of fun to play. I'm still playing TTT2 but mostly some casuals with friends now. This'll probably tie me in til Tekken 7 comes out hehe.

I'm super hyped for tekken 7 as well rage arts, power crushes, tail spin, new animations, win poses and moves, history lines and hopefully new comstumes!

It's gotta be nice to focus just one character, instead of having two to think about. it's not that i'm being bored with ttt2, but damn it's hard to me to find motivating because there is so much to learn just the basics of the game, combined with a few opportunities for really putting my practice to the test. It's a shame because when I finally get the those very cool matches it's really makes everything worth it. If i did remember those matches and look back at them is wouldn't playing tekken really, don't get me wrong I love tekken ^^ I adore it the characters and all it's dumb storylines, but it's it just a whole different game when you play against others that knows what they are doing it. It goes from a solid 6-7 to perfect 10 depending on the player you're facing! (Rant over)

Your little smash adventures reminded me of this ^^  th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2012/098/b/7/yoshimitsu_is_riding_yoshi_by_razkurdt-d4vgfxy.jpg

 Sup ya'll! So Tekken 7's been out for a while now. Haven't posted news lately since it's mostly small news here and there, nothing very major. There's been character leaks but it's unofficial so I didn't want to just post incomplete information that may end up to be misleading. Hopefully they announce Yoshi soon and I'll definitely be posting everything hehe.

In the meantime, check out Harada or Wonkey's twitter for some Tekken 7 tidbits!

xiao ^^

Yea it's kinda crazy how suddenly close we are getting right now.  

I haven't really been checking up lately, but it's good to know that there's a lot of new material, just waiting out there to be read and watched, and Btw You're doing a job Grey, even for a small and very niche crowd

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