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# Grey : Sucks but I haven't played Tekken in a while. My stick broke, I'm out of money and I already bought an iPod for Christmas . I'm trying to play pad again but it's just not the same after picking up Mishimas. Guess I'll just have to try and borrow a stick from someone else.


Pretty much this. 
It's not necessarily that anything is broken, but I've been caught by a storm of reality and responsibility, Guitly Gear coming out and me needing to not stink at it, losing horrifically in BlazBlue to a Tager with amaazing reactions/reflexes.....and then because I practice in Tekken, my friends don't wanna play that solely because I'd be the only good one!

I'm going to start playing SF x Tekken and TTT2 though, because Yoshimitsu is my original ninja. I'm going to eventually trade in my ps3 version of SCV and get it for the 360 one day as well, to play my gf and everyone else in it; seems like it'll be more active.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! :D

I hope you all have been well.  I apologize for not being online as much as I would like.  I actually moved from California to Washington D.C., so as you can imagine, I've been super busy.

Well, happy holidays to all!  Keep being awesome!

 You moved again? :D

Please send me your postal address, you know for what. I gonna send it to you soon enough before you move again! XD

 LOL!  Sure thing. :D

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 It's been a little while since anyone's posted in this thread.  Where's the YOT community at?

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 Yikes.  My apologies again for being away so much.  A lot has changed, and I'm about to embark on a road trip to Canada! :D

So, Boss, that means that the old address I gave you to my place in D.C. is no longer valid. :P  I'll give you my newest address when I figure out what it is. lol!

I played some T5 DR matches last night I realized how much I freaking love Yoshi in that game. Unblockable flash, every sword attack is unblockable, d/f+2, fast jab stings, d/f+1,2,2,2,2,2 W! ender f,f+4 punishes every anything and is faster that everything, d+2, sword sweep, and besides that stuff, game speed was just faster. the more I think about that game the more is think about how the future tekken games will be =) 

T5DR Yoshi was my favorite for sure. d+1~ff+4 = best set-up ever. Flash was blockable though (even reversible) but it's so fast you're basically punishing with it almost every time. Wouldn't say the game is faster but it's more about landing solid hits and juggles compared to juggling now where it feels like you're in the air for eternity. Also, damage doesn't seem as high (except for certain characters) and you don't feel as helpless anytime you're getting hit.

Looking back, it seems like T6 completely changed how Tekken is played. A lot of players complain about how it's not the same anymore but times change and that's the reality of things. The good ol' days are nice and all but I'll be focusing on what we have now. I'm currently enjoying every little bit of TTT2 and I will be til they release a new Tekken.

<p><font style="background-color: #404040">I could have sworn the flash was unblockable but I don't want to question your knowledge however, I do seem remember that T5DR standard jab speed was 8i vs T6 and onwards is 10i.

I don't know about you but, I feel more limited I later games only because of the movelist but more i find it much harder to apply in battles. That makes me stick to a number of moves that i feel safe using.

Yoshimitsu in TKDR was very good indeed,
T6/TTT2 Yoshi has more elegant moves and the whole concept of playing him has changed dramatically, which I even like. New moves like 3~4, b+2(2), d+2,2(...) are fantastic and are the basis of my gameplay. I like the change to df+1 (however it should have an extension)

There's still a lot of work to put into TTT2 Yoshi. What I don't like:

- d/b+2,2,2s have very weak range, come back TK DR range :(
- Sword sweep having bad range
- entering FC from standing is not smooth.
- Door Knocker should be adjusted, bad tracking, single WS+1 shouldn't be punishable, WS+1,1 should always connect on hit (it whiffs at angle)
- His old stances, especially Indian Sit and Bad breath, need some overhaul.
- And a lot more...

Yoshi has quirks that should be fixed, many of his moves aren't used because they aren't reliable. Any tiny angle can make them whiff, their priority should be adjusted. But these are also game system's quirks. When two characters attack at the same time, strange things can happen, the collision detection has bugs, many times you don't even get the move that you wanted. Example? D+2,2 at the same time as EWGF! Many times the system will make you do... instand d+2 low punch. Why? A bug? Why is that? They should fix the system. The game system should be a priority over character's properties.

But... in general I like Yoshimitsu's changes. They only need to focus more on improving him, make more stance links (fluent stance links... something like Lei... this would be marvellous), correct some moves, pay attention to moves that aren't used almost at all (like 4,4,4 - do something with it :) ), bring Yoshi back low punch (I still believe this is some kind of joke, I can't live without a low punch when playing Kunimitsu, with Yoshi I'm forced to use low kick)

As for the "reality of things"... Namco better be awared of people's thoughts or people just won't play this game. The game is already very stressfull (because of lengthy juggles for sure, it makes people feel sucky when they lose too quickly without ability to fight back), would be less if people had more control in battle. I'm all for ground combat because this is what I personally love about this game. The juggles might as well not exist IMO.

To me It seems like namco is going to remove or worsen (is that even a true word =/) his close range options for the sake of the forcing you adapt to is newer whiff punishment tools like d+2,2 and f,n,d/f+1 relieing more on spacing.

I don’t have much of a problem with that or the new editions to his aresinal , but I do however find it a bit lame how they introduces new moves.
We gave you some cool new long range moves but removes removed his , it’s like putting some in a bad light to make to apperiering better enchanced.

I really don’t like being up close anymore,I kidda feel like a zoner with yoshi now infact the thing I count on now is now is ss+2 due to is safe a crushes highs.  

SS+2 is not safe, you probably meant ss+1? (which technically also isn't safe but sometimes it's very hard to punish) :) d+2,2 is a nice whiff punish but you probably meant b+2,2?

Indeed Yoshi is a zoner now. :) His speed is toned down a lot because of many new moves that are slower but have good range.

Yoshi would be much better upclose if:
- he had normal low punch in normal stance
- his 2,1 was actually uninterruptible (now it is, which is LAMEEEE)
- Bad Breath should have fixed highcrush property - it used to fully crush highs but now it doesn't - Yoshi gets hit during exhale
- df+1 had a continuation (my greatest wish), something like Heihachi's d/f+1,1 or Kuni's df+1,3 - that extra move that can get opponent nailed is a big help!
- d/b+2,2,2,2 - better range of initial i14 move, it would be great if it had a better hitbox.

NSS offers better options upclose against rushers, but Yoshi's range is limited, and his stance options are limited.
I wish:

- he had NSS d+2,2,1 which leads back to 1SS
- more links back to 1SS

T6/TTT2 Yoshi makes it harder to play vs offensive style, using fast moves, especially punches. Zoning versus such characters is very difficult since punches get Yoshi out of most of his moves (also stances) It's easier to rush down inexperienced Yoshi because you know that sooner or later he will have to take risk to get out of the avalanche of fast moves, e.g. flash, KIN or SS+1 (which also is risky because of slow windup time). On the other hand, it's much harder to rush down NSS Yoshi.

To get out of offensive, it's best for Yoshi player to most of all rely on his basics, not on his moves (because his defensive options are risky and limited, and so predictable). Of course one or two CH SS+1s into character's punches are a big deterrent, but we have to do it right ;) In other words - the better basics, the better defense when playing Yoshimitsu, he doesn't really have a single all-purpose panic button. (he has many moves that in theory should act like panic buttons, but they're not as good as they should be. Like e.g. b+1+2 - will fail you more than help, not to mention the punish!)

On the other hand, zoning with Yoshi is a very efficient playstyle. Two or three NCs and opponent must think about tagging out. And Yoshi is very good at punishing tag ins.


Personally I like playing with d+2,(2,1 or 2,d+1). I'm surprised people don't use it that much in the open.
- d+2 is safe, on hit you can hit-confirm the second 2.
- Nice range, nice priority, track one direction, very solid mid, at range has a tendency to high crush.
- You can enter NSS, do nothing or continue with 1 or d+1
- d+2,2,(jf)d+1 - there's a justframe which hits opponent if he tries to interrupt d+1 - normally it can be interrupted, BUT... :)
- all hits delayable which messes in people's heads.
- it looks and hits like a BOSS :D
- of course it's not that easy to get the full benefit of that move, the mindgame must be developed slowly. Otherwise Yoshi will be just launched under the last d+2,2,1 or punished after d+2,2,d+1. Good mindgame is good. Bad mindgame is bad. :D *trollface!* Good players mix mid moves with throws, bad players mix throws with lows :D Sounds stupid but I've seen people playing like that! :D

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I hear ya man.

The way Yoshi is now, you either have to be playing risky or smart. You have so many options but not all of them are useful so you have to sift through them and find the ones that work. It's so hard to be consistent and you need to have some momentum if you want to get anywhere. You really have to put in work cause nothing comes easy when you play him.

I've been experimenting this recently but try playing in NSS for a while. It's like going into a world you've been to before but you don't live in. I feel like there are less things to worry about and I generally think it makes Yoshi simpler to play.

Oh, that's the same feeling I have when playing NSS :)
In theory potent weapon but in practice...
... I understand he should be more of a rusher in this stance. But it doesn't work well with his basics. He should have things like Kunimitsu's punches to be more of a "rushing type". Also something additional with his df+1. His old punch series doesn't help since at every point they're punishable. So the design is a bit "Off"...

Other than that... it has some great potential though still quite risky, but it depends on how somebody plays. Somebody might want to nail his NSS flash often, the other player might rely on his sidesteps and try to make opponent whiff more.

Anyway, we can elaborate here for ages, Namco won't listen to us anyway. :( Unless somebody posts the link to this conversation on Harada's twitter. I won't do this since I swore not to write to him ever again since a certain situation. I'm pretty serious about my vows, Lol :)

I really feel with you guys on this about NSS.

I basicly avoid it really, because I don't really understand what really shines through about this basic, but not very rewarding stance besides flash. I haven't really found anything that I feelt exelleced, but then again there is lots o' stuff I don't know.

For exsample the usefulness of the d+2,2 string and the fact ss+2 (yea I meant that one ^_^) wasn't safe, that Door knocker is horrible,I avoided it because it's from ws. 

It's not that I want yoshi to have some key easy moves to save your butt instead of you reading your oppenent like it should be. nor do I want to have key moves like some essential tool to yoshi. What I want is some thing that allows me to have more freedom to use and applying what is already there  

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