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 Awesome! I would be honored to have so many friends and skilled Yoshimitsu players on my team!

 I'll totally join the Manji Clan team you've made, Yoshimattsu, so long as you don't mind having a n00b around. :P

So, how has everyone been?  It's been a while, huh?  I'm thinking about starting up a new thread or two.  This place could use some love. ;)

Hey Yoshimattsu, what's up with this other manji clan w the exact same name and 10 members?
Do you know them?

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 Nope, that sucks... lol anyways if you guys post the tag you used for the WTF site, I can send invites. I only have 1 other member so far and I would love to have more! Oh and feel free to post in the Manji Clan forum that I made also...

I guess the name aren't that orginal but whatever it gets the point across and yells Yoshi players here

My Tekken "tag"  is yaxxbass.
Its basicly my universal online name so you can always find by searching that  

 Ok I've invited Glenn and Angelo, I can't find you Aozame32, what name did you use to sign up??

 Oh, my bad.  I actually haven't had time to sign up yet. >.<  I had class and work yesterday.  I have classes today, too, but I don't have to work, so I'll sign up when I have time later this evening.

Thanks, dude! :D

Thanks for the invite. I'm gonna check how this will work out, but it might be possible that I'm gonna join my brothers team again in the future, if he needs me.

 Well, I can't join up yet.  My roommates are playing Borderlands 2 on the PS3. :P  Oh well.  This gives me time to work on the foam armor I'm making for an upcoming cosplay! :D  Unfortunately, it won't be Yoshimitsu armor.  At least, not yet.  I'd love to do that someday, though.

 Sweet I'm up to 4 members! No biggie Aozame32, you can join anytime if you like!

 OK, awesome.

So, I haven't really seen much of the online features of TTT2.  Is this group thing like a club?  Like, does it keep track of our overall rankings as a group and stuff?

 Yeah there are team levels and exclusive unlockable emblems for use in game, so far it looks like battle points from online ranked matches is the only thing that gives your team points, but I have a feeling there will be team missions or something like Clan ops from MW3 in the future....

 That sounds awesome! :D

My ID is BigChief014. Add me, we'll dominate! xD

I'm sad. Im on Xbox and feel so left out ;_;. 
Thinkbig321 is the only other good Yoshi player IK

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