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A.K Fan1234 : in tekken manga i would love too see some of the underdogs getting some spotlight, but yoshi is would be the main character right.rebember you manga your rules

Like which characters, for example? :D

I would like to know more about Bruce and maybe Some of the new characters

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well lei, bruce, baek, kunimitsu, jack, something would see like i (my opinion)

I can't wait to get good with the new Yoshi and go to tournaments across the country!!!

but before that we are gonna have alot of battles

I'd like to see more of Kunimitsu, too, so I'm sure we'll work something about that. :)

I'm going to guess you guys own alot more Tekken games than I do, so... which Tekken, and/or Soul Calibur games do you guys own?

I have:
Tekken 4
Tekken 5 (has arcade versions of the first three games, but no storylines - not sure if that counts ;P)
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Soul Blade
Soul Calibur II
Soul Calibur III
Soul Calibur IV

...and I've been going crazy over how badly I want SC:BD. :P

I have all Tekkens except Takken advance for Gameboy, and Soul Calibur 4

tekken 2,3 tag, 5, 5dr online
soul calibur 4 only

Would you happen to have SCIV for the PS3? :O

yes i do, why?

I was thinking about online play sometime, although the PS3 doesn't get the signal so much sometimes so it'd be acting up. :X (unfortunately, only hacking a neighbour's internet... hehe :P)

My brothers and I use DarthPhoenix17 if anybody wanted to add us on the PSNetwork. :D

I have the 360 version, Lame Xbox Controllers

sounds fun like but you will kill badly, not great at soul cailbur at all :no

Well, that's okay... just practice. :)

And honestly, I'm a bit intimidated about playing online since everybody online strikes me as godmodders... it's hard to get in a hit. X_x And the ring-outs! Oh bloody hell...

My best SC character is Mitsurugi, but I'm trying to expand onto other characters... my brother keeps telling me to try out Yoshimitsu, and I think I will! :D

Lol I am not a fan of Soul Calibur Yoshi...He's too goofy

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