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 Wooot how's it going ppl?  Hope ye all had a happy new year! 

My new year was pretty..., pretty.... , pretty, PRETTY good  bd

new year's days in a nutshell:
dancing, partying, meeting weirdos, dancing, sitting, partying, crashing at a friend's place, gaming, gaming, gaming, watching the fireworks, random neighbour guy with a gun shoots in the air and thinks it's normal as shit, even though I shat my pants like crazy, get inside and game some more, sleep

Mine was not nearly as exciting. :P  On New Year's Eve, my brother and I went to the beach to hang out, and then we came home to celebrate simply.  Unfortunately, those hours at the beach kind of tired us out, and we fell asleep at 23:00. XD

New years went well for me.  Saw some old friends at a party, played beer pong ... 16 cups, 3 on 3 with a "bonus" cup of either champagne or red wine... that was awful.

Somehow I managed to sink a bunch of cups and even land a few bounces.  I thought I was going to rely on the team for carrying me since I haven't played in like 2 years, but I did well :D  Don't remember too much after that though :x

 I spent my new years eve in my books, and I'm STILL spending all my time in my books, it's boring as hell >.> I'm happy when the exams are over, seriously :p
I didn't know you had a good time Angelo, u didn't tell me anything o.O I should visit this site more often I think :p

Hello everyone! :)  So hey, I was wondering if you guys and gals could help a fellow YOTian out.

You see, I frequent an Aquaman fansite (he's my favorite American superhero), and they're having a contest to name the new "Aquadog."  I submitted the name "Salty," as in 'a salty sea-dog,' and I'm in the top 15! :D

We're having a vote now, to see who the winner is.  There's 6 days left to vote.  If I win, I'll more than likely get an awesome prize! :D  If you'd like to help me out by voting, here's the link:


All you have to do is select "Salty" and click the vote button and then you're done! ^,^  Thanks in advance!

Voted :)

Aozame, check your PM please ^^

 Of cause we would like to help with that task when its that easy wouldn't we   

Thank you so much! :D  I really appreciate it!

lol, I'll gladly vote for you ;D

Thanks, man!  You guys are the best! :D

We need to get some kinda forum stimulation going.  Way too quiet around here :\  Does anyone even play anymore?

I do!  (Sometimes...)  Wanna have a sparring match sometime?

I'm not all that talented, but I'll put up a fight! ^_~

I'm also wondering why it's so quiet :)

Maybe the internet was stolen mostly by facebook and mainstream internet media, such as twitter, youtube?

I'm not capable of tracking down all the news that appear e.g. on Harada's twitter, for example.
There's also plenty of stuff to add to galeries, Yoshimitsu's profile needs to be updated...

Maybe I should hire some of you as ManjiKai co-admins and moderators? :)

# Aozame32 : I do!  (Sometimes...)  Wanna have a sparring match sometime?

I'm not all that talented, but I'll put up a fight! ^_~

Sure thing, just shoot me a request on PSN and hopefully we'll get a decent connection:  ForMyNinjas.

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