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That sounds good. :D Although, I don't have Tekken online yet... *cries*

I want it... argh. T_T

Gaymen to that!!! I live to far out in the country to get DSL here...Very Frustrating!!!

I forgot to mention I'm good with Raven, too. I also liked playing as Julia Chang, and Christie Monteiro (my favourite female in Tekken). My brothers mostly have the other characters, lol. :D

(My obsession with Roy Batty earned me Bryan though. XD)

This is a cool idea. And hey, as the 'topic' here is temporary shout box and we ARE shouting, then it's not off-topic so not technically spam :P

Besides, look how many people have logged on just now!!! It works so I say lets keep shouting!!!!



...I decided to shout for Yoshi-san. ^_^

Don't stop til you get enough!! I love it!! This is the most people online at one time in like a month or more!!

awesome thanks for telling jem :yes

My brothers, a friend and I are thinking about working on a Yoshimitsu-and-Manjitou inspired manga/doujinshi series. Originally, we were just thinking of making it Soul Calibur set, but we're also thinking of making a Tekken one. What do you guys think?

fucki## mind blowing awesome, if you have the time and really want do that too. do it, simple as that

I am very hopeful for the upcoming months, I have an opportunity to be happy for many years to come, and I would be a fool not to take it. Plus Tekken 6 and movie come out soon... What a bright horizon!!

A.K Fan1234 : fucki## mind blowing awesome, if you have the time and really want do that too. do it, simple as that

Wow, thankyou. :O

We just have to work on some manuscripts, and we'll get started on it. ^_^

We've taken the extra characters from Soul Calibur IV, such as Ukon and Sakon, who battle alongside Yoshimitsu, as well as the others in the Tower of Lost Souls story mode where Manji members appear with Yoshimitsu in the stages where he appears (either as a boss, or just an enemy), and made them characters in the stories. :)

Anyhow, I'll probably get around to telling my brother to colour his Yoshimitsu artwork - he does a good job on drawing Yoshi-san, and has designed new outfits for Yoshi-san. ^_^

I can't wait to see it!! I love creative works, especially when they involve the best game series of all time!!

Thankyou. :D

By the way, I am glad to hear you have a bright horizon in your future. That's beautiful, and I am happy when others are happy. ^_^

I owe it all to Yoshimitsu and this website

in tekken manga i would love too see some of the underdogs getting some spotlight, but yoshi is would be the main character right.rebember you manga your rules

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