What Are Your Favourite Moves and Combos?

My favoite yoshimitsu moves are:

1) Levitation: looks like he's farting. Sorry but it does:D
2) Taunting: yoshi says "hahahahah" "I'm great" "I challenge you"
3) Teleporting: because it annoys my brother...
4 & 5) flee pogo and dance: they're just so random.

Yoshimitsu's Sword Smash. I mean, cmon... he goes RIGHT through his opponent, and his opponent falls to his knees. It's like something out of Bleach, isn't it?

Yoshi. Rainbow drop. his 10 hit stings, one of the most evil thing aginst someone who don´t know yoshi :D muhhaaa. slap u silly, one of the best moves i know when my opponent is cornered. Moonsault slayer cool as hell. Flea funny as hell :D

Armor king. Armor king swing, really good damage. Moossault drop great when your opponent is turn up aginst a wall :yes Frankensteiner, because many try too block it while standing, Black uppercut one great move simple as that, Burning Knuckle Bomb, risky but cool,it has saved my butt so many times and it is a classic

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Fubuki....Avoiding the Puddle.....Moonsault Slayer.....Kamikaze....Meditation Stance....Sword Sweep...Flash

The thunder blade seems cool, thou it takes hell of a time... :(