Yoshi moves in real LIfe !?!

ok ok .. we all kno tht Yoshi's got some cool tricks.. we're his fans, c'mon, we gotta try them, at least... so anyone had any luck ?? .. for now, i'm still on my indian stance... lol

Well, besides his unrealistic ones like the flying etc. most of his moves are quite doable when being JCVD :P
I´m not talking about the shark fish blow stuff either.
That´s just...video game physics ^^

You can feel especially ridiculous when trying to do the "slap you silly" move XD hahahaha
Someone needs to videotape himself doing that. I´d love to see it :D

BTW, if someone´s interested in learning advanced MA tricks and stuff
->Club 540

Check out the 360 suicide kipup! I think that move is really awesome :D
I can barely manage the normal one, but that!
Damn, I´d kill to have skills like that! I mean everything on that page ^^

Well, don´t take that literally ;)


hihi .. 360 Suicide Kipup ?? .. thts more like Marshall Law... well, in Yoshi's case, i guess, u shud try the "Suicide" ... or the DOuble Suicide..:D:D

Well, if I someday find out the secret of immortality, u bet I´ll try that XD
I need "Ila al Khalf", the elixir of return!! XD


Immortality??.. tht seems a bit tough... i rather cut my hand, put up some bio mechanics, nd do the death copter... lol