good luck playing yoshi!!!

at least yoshimattsu can now play tekken 6/tekken 6 BR !! :yes


Thanks buddy!

SURE! No prob!


So I said in the other thread that I would take some pics of my cousin's stuff, and i did. But I figured this would be a more appropriate place to post them, so here they are.
Here's the Tv, some systems and some games.
Here's more systems and games.More games. And here's about half of his movies. Crazy right? So of all this stuff only the Ps2, 360, and about five games are mine. He also has his Ps2, 360, and more retro systems in his room. You should see his toy and comic collections!

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OMFG !!!!
All this money!! And all this lifetime XD
hooooooly s*** ! I´m speechless...why doesn´t he get his movies from the everybody else hehehehehe:p

He is a crazy pack-rat collector that never gets rid of anything.

WOAH!!!!! VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY NICE!!!!! for addicted gamers, that would be a paradise!!!!

VERRY NICE yoshimattsu!!! id like to try them aLL! HAHA!

ALSO, the TV is HUGE!!!!!

Thank you I wish I could take it all when I move