Hi, I'm Matt. I'm 26, and I've been a dedicated Yoshimitsu player for many years. I think this site is awesome! It's good to see there are loyal yoshi fans out there. I am very excited and a little concerned about yoshi in T6 (I wrote more on this subject on the member applications forum). Hopefully some of you that have been privilaged enough to play it already could alleviate some of my worries. Also, I would like to say I think it's awesome how international this is, I love learning about people from other parts of the world, especially people i already have something in common with. So, sorry in advance if I ask any stupid questions, I'm just curious. Well, I can't wait to get to know you all, and learn everything I can.

Hi there Matt and welcome!

T6?? Well... I have been privilaged enough to be in the same room as T6 in an arcade Sumsamurai took me to in London, but I dont think being in the same room counts, right?? Dunno how he was to play but Yoshi was looking FANTABULOUS!!!!!! There are several memebers here who regularly play T6 but I dunno if they'll post anytime soon (if you had a T6 arcade nearby would YOU have time to visit this forum?? lol)

I like your curiosity and I guess I share it too. I love this little blue rock that we live upon and I love exploring and comparing different cultures only to realise that despite our differences, we're all sticky, gooey and full of red stuff on the inside :D I think what I mean is, it is nice to know that at the end of the day, we really are just all one great big race of up-right standing monkey people and any differences between us are kinds trivial!!! Though, those monkey people do have a tendancy to fight, just like the monkeys in the zoo when there's only one half-apple left... silly monkeys :((

Anyway... enough of my nonsense.. hopefully someone sensible will post here soon!! :p

I've only heard of a handful of U.S. arcades that have it and I'm not near any of them. Indiana is like a giant cornfield with nothing but farms and cows and stuff! I can't even get DSL where i live (too remote). Also, your monkey people rant made perfect sense to me,and I think you're right. God bless the internet for allowing international exposure for all to see. I'm suprised how many people from so many different countries are on here. I don't want to sound sexist or anything but I've honestly never met a girl who could even stand watching me play let alone hand me my ass and make me thank her for it. I'm just really impressed, it's cool to know there are girls out there that really do enjoy the same stuff I do. My girlfriend rolls her eyes when i talk about tekken and we have only been together for a year (poor girl has no idea how much time i've spent in practice mode).

hello south cousin!

Canada rocks! I have wanted to live there for a long time!

Welcome to the Manji Clan my friend :D

Hey Matt!

Always nice to see our community growing ^^
You seem like an interesting guy who´s inquisitive and open minded.
That´s cool!
Who taught u the word chillax XD ?
I only know one person besides you who uses that expression
*staring over to Jembru*

I heard a high school age girl say it, and thought it sounded like something i should be saying. Thanks for the welcome, I think i'll fit in here nicely.

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Hello there and welcome. Chillax? Hehe that's a commonly used word here. Mainly because the island is so laid back.

Glad to see another Yoshi fan. I also lost track of those endless hours I've spent on practice mode lol.

I get to play him everyday ^^. Yes yes I know you're jealous. (lol jk guys) Since you're asking about T6 Yoshi changes, maybe I'll share my experience on it. Let me compile my thoughts and I'll do my best to explain.

Welcome to the clan yo!

Awesome I would really appreciate it...I've been freakin' out since I heard the news about his changes. And I can only find one arcade in all of america that has it and they're about three thousand miles away.

hello yoshimattsu!!!

Welcome to YOT yoshimattsu. :)

Thanks everybody!

no prob! :D ahehe.... :yes

I located an arcade in Chicago that has a T6 machine!! That's only about three hours from my house. Hooray! I'm gonna go try it in about a week and I can't wait. Hopefully I don't suck it up. I refuse to wait until October 28th to play it.