About Street fighter 4 and stuff

Hello guys
Yeah maybe you don't remember me but im haru-chan lololol
Anyway, long time no see these forum (i miss this forum really)
im impresive about the shoutbox but u can't saw it...i don't have firefox .___.

Oh well go back to the topic what im trying to say is...
Who in these forum have street fighter 4?
and who character do you use mostly??
(maybe there was another topic with the same theme anyway..)

and also C.viper,Rose,Abel, etc

I tried it. I play Ganryu, I mean E-Honda. And I tried Bo... I mean Rufus lol.

Good game, it's pretty fun. I stay true to Tekken though. It's hard to play two different fighting games at once. I'd rather focus on one fighting game for now.

Really ?? I play a whole lotta fighting games...
Besides Tekken:
KoF several games
Street Fighter
Dark Stalkers
Naruto Shippuuden - Narutimate Accel 1 & 2
-> kickass !!! :D
...and so on

Maybe I should focus on learning more ^^"
Then my grades wouldn´t be so....cough cough...average XD

Vega all the way... "yyyiiiAAAOOOWWWW!!!!"

Ya know, the only fighter that has ever come close to tekken for me was Killer Instinct... That game in the arcade was awesome when it first hit. I'd like to see a new one.

Really ?? That old Snes game ??
Okay, I played it for a while, but I think the endboss was too unfair ^^
Cinder was cool though...and that dino XD

Riptor.... I thought the Snes version was super weak. The arcade was the only version for me.