Gattsu's most awesome music!! Hell yeah !!!

What up !?
It´s about time I share some rare master pieces of music history with my friends here.
Whenever I put that stuff on, I´m so hyper that I get all nerdy and do da chicken dance shirtless in my room XD
Hoooo, starting to feel flashy already!
Time to get started !!!

Check out this one, ain`t this some hot track ?!
Yeah yeah!!!
-> Ohhh Ahhh

Bam Bam Bam that´s the feeling !!!

Oh oh oh, and check out this cutie pie:

That s*** is fly!

U know what?? I´ll quickly get some oil, then lets get this party started with this kickass song:


Now now, lets all book our flights to San Francisco! Lets rock dat city on Christopher Street Day, who´s down with me???

Yeah I guess they are pretty awesome tunes... but wait until you hear my own personal favourites...

Now you know why I am such a great cook

I also really love this song, I know all the words too.

I'll have a heart like love-a-lot!

This song ensures my teeth are always sparkly clean!!

Maybe I'll stop here... But I could post so many more (especially those lazy town songs).


Ohhhhhhweeeee !!!
Nice ones, Jem ^^

Time to lose our minds completely !!

Puru puru pururin XD

since we are in this mindset: (i dont listen to this often but hey good song XD)

caramel dansen

my favorite lazy town song(the only one)
you are a pirate


Really, what else can I say but LOL!!! hehehehe.. I almost posted the pirate song but man, there are too many awesome (I use this word rather lightly) Lazy Town songs that its hard to choose.. hehehe, this is getting silly.. What would Yoshi say?


Definitely !!
Or maybe "Onion!" XD ... or "Honmatsu tentouuuuuuu!!" :p
hehehehe, I´m out of g** songs

anyone else can add to this super collection? ^^

Yeah Let's book those tickets now, and rock the seas! Yo ho ho and a bottle of soda! X3

Here's my COOOOOOL tunes.

Yeah, dig this!!!!!!! So what? No burger king? HA HA! X)

One of the most AWESOME tunes in music history! I WON'T come to anyone's party unless they play this! XD

The one and only... Way to lighten up a PARTY!!!! :D :D :D

Fried eggs yay and pickled partridge... Oh how i love a great classic!!

Check out my sick tunes. :p Caramel dancing with hidden messege. LOL chocolate rain I farted on santas lap hey yall granma XD

My current Top 3, in no particular order:

The Offspring: Hit That

In Extremo: Liam

Lordi: The House (Without a Name)
Originally "Autiotalo" by Dingo.

This one makes me laugh :) I dance it sometimes as I'm in crazy-happy mood :):

And this is for old good times ;)

Hehehe.. well this thread turned out better than we'd hoped. But I think I owe it to Gattsu to point out to those who dont know, that Sumsamurai dared him to put on silly songs and claim that they're his favourites (note to all= NEVER dare Gattsu!!!).

Lets continue adding silly, annoying and even painful music though.. this is fun.

This one is dedicated to Sumsamurai as I happen to know it is her all time favourite song...

Hehehehe!!! Haddaway !! XD
Awesome :D LOL
U´re Tunak Tunak Tun song reminded me of some similar funny song, which happens to be quite ....well, uhm...veeery hetero !!
Hahahaha, this thread is great :yes

Kiss Kiss

How long until your nerves break at this?

ABC & D by Blue Bamboo

... I felt like I was inside a musical washing machine!

Hehehehe.. Musical washing machine... LOL

Okay then.. this is dreadful music warfare now... how about this one? I actually know that dance.. Yes I DO!!!!

I should like to take this opportunity to let you guys know that while most here are posting the most annoying or just down right sad songs they can think of, I actually LIKE the songs I am posting. Though I have enough humanity about me to know that these are truly appauling and I do actually like normal music too..

This is the Jembru theme song... hearing that again actually makes me regret deciding not to go to back to Japan.. :blush That place was clearly put on Earth for my own personal enjoyment.. hehehe

Right.. what else can I assault your ears with??? Hmmmmm...

This one... I should explain that as part of my job I support people who have children so I hear a lot of songs from kid's tv shows and of course I sing along.. hehehehe here's one that a little boy I work really likes...

I should stop now... when it comes to bad music, I am sure I'd win any battle :p