Tekken6 BR Alisa VS Yoshimitsu, Julia



Ahh, some more Yoshi at last :P

Thanks, keep it up

Hi Chaadztekken,

Can you PLEASE throw up all Yoshi fights into youtube? I just can't use rapidshare, it keeps telling me that my IP is already downloading a freaking file... thanks to my internet provider who has little servers and little IPs probably. >_<

Or maybe try using http://www.filefront.com/ ? It has a lot more space to use and no stupid limits...

Where do you get these fights from anyway? o_O Good finds!

EDIT: I found these fights on youtube, thanks :)
EDIT 2: Yoshi has AWESOME customizations!!

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Besides Yoshi having awesome outfits and extras, his new fighting style and different stances are great too.
Some probably Canadian guy introduces us to some of Yoshi´s new moves ^^
(and some cool Mega Man midis hehehe)

He can actually put his sword away ?! :)

i found an account in youtube that features so much fights of tekken 6 bloodline rebellion which uses YOSHIMITSU! YAY! :yes

btw, the name of the account is "ShogunTemplar" and I find it very interesting to watch, especially its Yoshimitsu! ITs full of yoshi fights!

for Gattsu: yes, yoshimitsu has a new stance called "No Sword Stance" or NSS which, accdg. to the story, allows yoshi to use pure fist fighting against his opponents, and has some effects on some stances, like, if he uses Dragonfly stance, he will suddenly fall down, and switch to Meditation Stance... (since he doesnt have a sword equipped, he cant fly!)

thats all...

Thank goodness!!!
Yoshi will finally be able to FIGHT, to punch! :D
He just lacked that in the other games.

I´ll check that utube account now ^^

no problem Gattsu! always happy to help!

KANGEI SHIMASU!!!! hehe...

Awesome!! I love watchin T6 videos especially with Yoshi!

usually, when I cant think of any good juggles, I watch T6/T6BR vids that has yoshimitsu fighting... and thats the time i learn new things and juggles... XD

and yeah, ive watched a youtube vid, that looks like the one placed in this topic(hmmmmm, maybe theyre the same!)