Minasan, akemashite omeditou gozaimasu! -happy new year everyone

Just spent the last 10 minutes looking for a 'happy new year' thread... no joy. Surely I can't be the first person to want to wish my lovely fellow YOTians a happy new year?? Maybe I'm the first person to think the people here are lovely??? Maybe...

Anyway, all the best for 2009 everyone (that golden release date is crawling ever closer :D).

Hey... In Japan, its the year of the ox/cow btw. Also, you might want to pay attention to the first dream you have, the Japanese believe it fortells how the year ahead will be. I really hope I dream about returning to Japan!!!

This gets me thinking... we're all from different places around this fine planet's surface so I bet we all have different new year customs. So I was wondering, how do you celebrate???

Bye for now. Love you all...



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I wish you all have a good one and get very drunk until u have that good old numb feeling that i'm sure every1 knows about and likes!

so, what's ur nu years resolution?

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Happy New Year!

Ah, last night was pretty amazing. The streets (normally deserted) were crowded with people. Fireworks. Smiley faces. :) One-night stands and one-night heartbreaks. And the women... lovely as always, but with a little something special at this time of the year. ;)

But I never get to do what I want to do. Fly through the sky among the sparks and flames, is it really so impossible?!

Of course in Australia it is the custom to get shit-faced as much as you can... And then there's New Year's Eve. :D Sadly I didn't drink. But hey, my lifetime's still young!

Hope you'll had a good time! Woo wooo!!!


It seems that alcohol is a common theme! lol.

People in my part of the UK are pretty traditional about celebrating the New Year. Especially in my (very small and somewhat depleated) family we like to see the year in together rather than say, go out to an all-night party in a night club. In fact, I can't think of anything I would less like to do on New Year's eve, but that's just me.

I usually start at my sister's place, this year we had a few glasses of wine and played on the Wii (I came last at everything as usual). We then walk around to my Grandma's house (most of my family live on the same estate, though I don't) where my uncle and his wife are usually waiting for us too. We always have a first foot which is either my uncle or my sister's husband (though it was my boyfriend one year!!). They say the luckiest fist foot is a tall dark-haired man, but there arent many of those in my family so we make do.

Oh about the first foot, I'm not sure if this is a wide-spread custom or just a Northern England thing but the first foot is also meant to carry a piece of coal into the house (anyone know if its just us mad geordies who do this???). Gift shops around the coast here sell little carved statues of animals and things made from coal that can be carried by the first foot but I see them less and less so I think this custom is disappearing (just like most of our traditions:()

At midnight, after we've counted down and our first foot has come in, we, like most English speakers hold hands and sing Auld Lang Syne (means 'the good old days' for those who don't know it).

We then finally go to my Uncle's place where neighbours, friends and other relatives join us for party food, drinks and general festivities!!!

I made a new year's resolution this year too as well as a new years wish (I am silly I know but I believe if I make a wish and a resolution, and I stick to my resolution, my wish will come true).

So erm... that's New Year in Jembru land!!!


Happy late New Years.

ah yeah. thx for the wishes. I wish u all that too


Yeah, happy new year from me, too. Surprisingly, I spent my new year sober.

(Come to think of it, I've spent the past month and a half sober. Class, innit?)

The new year's started with an obsession of keeping my two new year's resolutions. So far so good, fortunately. Has anyone else made any realistic new year's resolutions?

I won't tell mine if you won't tell yours :D

Realistic resolutions? Well, I guess mine is fairly realistic. I quit smoking!!! I didn't smoke all that much really so it wasn't hard to stop but I also have a good insentive as I need to save money for Japan. I wont get paid for 2 months (this is quite standard in Japanese companies) so need money to live on and furnish my appartment. The money I save from not buying cigarettes is very valuable.

This means of course that next year my resolution will have to be losing weight!! Ha ha, cos they say smokers are naturally thinner. Maybe I should try to get an appartment that's on a hill, at the top of 58 steps like I had in Ikuta... so I'll be a skinny little stick with legs of steel by this time next year!! ha ha ha

Okay Koga... your turn...


Lalalalalala This place needs to liven up! When do we get shout-box back???

Guess I could tell my new years revolution.:D It was in my drunken rambling in my last post here before I edit.

I've pretty much achieved it already. To become a better person and rise above my foes.

I got new job. - much better than old job which I publicly refer to as The Shop Of DOOM. - The place where bully managers thrive; only because they flash their bosoms at their own perverted middle-aged bosses. And don't work. knit-pick and sleep off Saturday nights booze on work premises during work hours!!!

YES!! Don't know why I didn't leave sooner. - was too damn depressed I suppose. - Everyone was surprised when I quit. And not long after me they quit to. So i inspired others to move on and find better place to work. :)

The other day i walk passed The Shop Of Doom and noticed the window had been smashed. - "Oh dear.." i said Smiling. :) :) :)

Jembru : I quit smoking!!!
I quit smoking a long time ago, but to be honest, I still smoke 1 or 2 fags a year, usually because my friends offer me. I try and avoid it, though, it's a nasty habit.
Jembru : Okay Koga... your turn...
1) Resolution number 1 is to clean up my vocabulary, in other words, stop swearing or at least reduce it significantly.
2) Resolution number 2 is to get back to the Fitness business. When I was younger, a teen, I used to take part to some of these local, small-time fitness competitions. I began lifting weights before I turned 12, anyway. But now as I'm older and in less hazard of disturbing or damaging my growth, I'd like to get back to doing it. My goal is, that in the beginning of year 2010 I'm in shape enough to start competing again. ^^

Oh my friend tried to clean up her vocabulary last year! It was so funny... she had a little note book with a list of 'fines' that she had to pay if she used certain words... for some reason she decided to exclude all words starting with the letter 'b' apparently because there are a lot of bad words in English beginning with b and also because she needed something to say in situations that demand a curse word and she decided that b-words are the most satisfying words to say in such situations... I remember that charges started at 50p and went up to ?5 for a particularly naughty word starting with 'c'... she never had any money! I remember spending only a few hours with her and she had managed to fine herself over ?20!!

(Sum... the friend I'm talking about is the belch-machine I brought with me when I visited you!!!)

My friends are all kinda silly but I wouldn't want them any other way, life is so much better when you have plenty reasons to laugh..

Good look with getting your fitness back Koga... I'm gonna try that too. Not that I was ever strong but I used to do cross-country running when I was in school. My speed and stamina was the only talent I was ever really admired for at school. Only during the cross country season was I actually treated with some kind of respect by EVERYONE. I have always said I'd like to get back into running but its not safe to run alone around here... another good thing about going back to planet Japan I guess...